Externship Listings

ID #301
TypeCivil Rights
Agency name line 1City of Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (PCHR)
Agency name line 2Fair Housing Commission (PFHC)
Address line 1The Curtis Center - Suite 300 South
Address line 2601 Walnut Street
DutiesStudents work will vary based on the Commission and Divison to which the student is assigned. In the Compliance Div, the student will observe the investigative techniques used by agency staff and ultimately handle a small caseload himself under the supervision of the Senior Attorney. Students will also conduct legal research on various procedural and substantive issues related to the Division's operation. Work in the Community Relations Div will focus on legal research relevant to the claims most frequesntly brought to the Div. In particular, the student will work on developing both legal memo and more user-friendly, non-legal materials discussing zoning & nuisance laws. In addition, the student will have the opportunity to observe the alternative dispute resolution methods and other activities of the Division staff.
Agency descriptionThe PCHR is the administrative agency empowered by the city to enforce its civil rights laws and to deal with all matters of inter-group conflict within the City. Through its Compliance Div, they investigate and adjudicates claims of unlawful discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. Through its Community Relations Division, they resolve conflicts through mediation, coalition-building and public hearings on issues relating to cultural diversity and inter-group harmony.
Time requirementsIt is recommended that students in the compliance Division be available on Friday mornings at 930am to observe the monthly Commissioners' meetings and also on Tues & Wed at 10am for students in the PFHC.
Position requirementsStudents should be enrolled or have completed coursework in employment discrimination and/or Landlord/Tenant Law.
Writing sample requiredYES
Number of students requested3
Supervisor first nameReynelle
Supervisor last nameStaley
Supervisor tagEsq.
Supervisor titleSenior Attorney
Contact salutationMs
Contact first nameVerta
Contact last nameSmith
Contact title line #1Administrative Assistant
Contact phone #215-686-4699
Skill creditsEach of the placements will provide opportunity for contextual experience and skill development. Work in the Compliance Div may also involve witness interviews, settlement negotiation and other skills that could be characterized as client-oriented or lawyer to lawyer, but actually occur outside the client setting in the context of a neutral adminisrative agency.

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