Externship Listings

ID #310
Agency name line 1ALDEA People's Justice Center
Agency name line 2532 Walnut Street
DutiesAssist families' pro-bono counsel with intakes, preparing for fear interviews, filing requests for re-interviews, filing stay requests, etc and helping gather information and evidence in support; draft statements and affidavits, complete immigration forms under attorney supervision; liase with coordinators from other family detention facilities and other pro-bono networks liase and coordinate with other advocacy and pro-bono groups on all advocacy related to Berks Liase between persons in detention and their family members in the US and abroad; Liase with ICE and the detention facility staff on behalf of the families; monitor issues related to the well-being of detained families; keep our database up to date.
Agency descriptionALDEA is a non-profit agency focused on immigration and organized to serve the detained families at the Berks County Residential Center located at 1040 Berks Road in Leesport PA 19533.
Time requirementsAttendance is required at the Leesport facility three days per week. Therefore, this is likely a summer placement.
Position requirementsPreferred understanding of asylum law; bilingual in Spanish. Experience preferred, but not necessary. NOTE: this placement is in Leesport, PA, which is outside of Reading.
Writing sample requiredYES
Number of students requested1
Supervisor salutationMs
Supervisor first nameBridget
Supervisor last nameCambria
Supervisor titleExecutive Director
Contact salutationMs
Contact first nameBridget
Contact last nameCambria
Contact tagEsq.
Contact title line #1Executive Director
Contact phone #484-926-2014

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