Externship Listings

ID #319
TypeEmployment & Labor Law
Agency name line 1Public Employment Relations Commission
Agency name line 2NJ PERC
Address line 1PO Box 429 - 495 State Street
DutiesReview transcripts of hearings, research, writing memos and drafting opinions. Observe in court. Assist in conducting representation elections in the field and observe mediation efforts by Commission staff.
Agency descriptionA neutral labor relations agency that decides unfair practice cases, representation cases, scope-of-negotiations disputes, and agency fee questions involving public employees at all levels of government in NJ. Website is at www.state.nj.us/perc
Time requirementsAt least one full day weekly. ONE OR TWO SEMESTER PLACEMENT
Position requirementsCourse in Labor Law or Employment Law. Prior experience in collective bargaining may be considered in lieu of formal course work.
RestrictionsNo current or promised employment for any firm which appears before the agency; no one who is a member or associated with a public employer (e.g. school board member, town or borough council) or a public sector union (e.g. union official). Past employment for a firm that practices before the agency will not disqualify an extern.
Writing sample requiredYES
Number of students requested2
Supervisor first nameGayl
Supervisor last nameMazuco
Supervisor tagEsq.
Supervisor titleDir. Of Unfair Practices & Representation
Contact first nameGayl
Contact last nameMazuco
Contact tagEsq.
Contact title line #1Dir. Of Unfair Practices & Representation
Contact phone #609-292-6780
Skill creditsNO, Observation only, which will be discussed with student; student will be able to fully and candidly state positions on legal and factual issues stemming from active cases.

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