Visiting Instructor of Law
Jamil Ammar
Newark Campus
S.I. Newhouse Center for Law and Justice
123 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102

Jamil Ammar worked on several national and international projects including for the United Nations Development Program in Syria. Hi research focuses on intellectual property law from European and international perspectives with particular emphasis on the interface between intellectual property law and emerging technologies.  Jamil teaching interests at Rutgers Law include intellectual property, business law and social media.

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Jamil Ammar is an Assistant Professor in Law, with teaching interests in intellectual property, social media e-commerce and business law. Dr. Jamil joined Rutgers Law School as a visiting scholar in 2015. He holds an LL.B. and an LL.M. from the University of Damascus Law School, an LL.M. from the University of Wales Swansea and a Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh Law School.

Before joining the faculty, Dr. Ammar served as a research fellow (Post-Doc) at the Edinburgh Law School in the UK. Previously, Jamil had served as an assistant professor and the head of management department at the AIU.  Jamil was also involved in several projects both nationally and internationally including the United Nations Development Programme in Syria (projects covered: E Government, Regional Planning and the WTO).  Jamil was an invited participant in the Smarter Regulation for Small and Medium-Size Enterprise report by the World Bank Group- 2013- up-to-date.


Editorial Board Member:

International Journal on Trade, Business, Economics and Law (IJTBEL) e-journal         12/2014- present

Selected Publication:

Book: Ammar, J. Think Consumer: The Enforcement of the Trade Mark Quality Guarantee Revisited, A Legal and Economic Analysis (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle 2011, UK).


 Jamil Ammar and Rachael Craufurd Smith, ‘When is a Trade Mark use not a Trade Mark Use? A 3D Perspective" , International Journal of Law and Interdisciplinary Legal Studies, Vol 1, Issue 1,(December 2015).         

 Jamil Ammar and Songhua Xu, ‘Yesterday’s Ideology Meets Today’s Technology: A Strategic Prevention Framework For Curbing The Use Of Social Media By Radical Jihadist’, Albany Law Journal of Science & Technology, Vol 26, Issue 2( 2016)

 Jamil Ammar and Andrew Black, ‘Copyright (Amidst) Chaos in Syria: One Step Forward… International Journal of Research from the Front-line ( 2016)

Work in Progress:

 The “Medical Mile”: Gearing Towards 3D-Bespoke Healthcare. A Comparison of US and EU Patent Regimes

Rutgers Race & The Law Review: OUR “NEW REALITY” IN THE ERA OF ISIS (Vol 17, Issue 2, 2017 forthcoming-invited).

Notes and Reviews:

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