Rutgers Law faculty are often called on as experts in the news media on contemporary issues.

Rutgers Law Professor David Troutt, who directs the Center on Law in Metropolitan Equity, makes the case for inclusionary zoning for the City of Newark in this article, before a council vote.

Sandra Simkins, distinguished clinical professor of law at our Camden location, was a federal monitor in the court system where Noura Jackson had previously been convicted of killing her mother. Professor Simkins' findings on the county's juvenile court are included in this report by The New York Times.

Rutgers Law Professor John Leubsdorf, an expert on attorney ethics, takes on the issue of Pennsylvania legislators who have second jobs in this article by Tioga Publishing.

"Politicians from the president on down have observed Amazon is large and maybe this merger deserves a closer look." Distinguished Professor Michael Carrier, an antitrust expert, shares insights on the Amazon and Whole Foods merger in this Washington Post report:

Rutgers Law Professor Sahar Aziz, an expert on the Middle East, asserts that Western countries should work on issues of sexism at home before criticizing other countries in this article for The New Arab.

Does it matter if Trump's allies aren't under oath when they testify to Congress? Rutgers Law Professor Stuart Green explains on NPR.

Distinguished Professor Michael Carrier shares perspective on Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods in this report by ABC News.

Clinical Professor and Director of Trial Advocacy J.C. Lore shared insights for this report published in The Wall Street Journal:

Distinguished Professor Michael Carrier was interviewed for this Bloomberg report on Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods:

In this powerful op-ed piece in the New York Times, Rutgers Law Professor Elise Boddie talks about the acquittal of Philando Castile's shooter and how living in fear has made it impossible for African-Americans to simply have an ordinary day.

As part of a timely series in the Asbury Park Press about opoid addiction in New Jersey, Rutgers Law Professor David Noll compares lawsuits against opoid manufacturers to previous suits against big tobacco, in an article that accompanies the video documentary.

Recent work by Professor Jeena Shah and students in the International Human Rights Clinic brought to light the persecution faced by members of the LGBTI community in Uganda in this news release by the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Rutgers Law Professor David Noll, an expert in civil procedure and regulation, comments on the future of the arbitration clause for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which would would bar banks and other financial institutions from using mandatory arbitration clauses to prevent class actions.

Distinguished Professor Michael Carrier shares insights from his research on drug prices in this Consumer Reports article

Rutgers Law School Co-Dean Michael Cahill talks about school affordability, offers predictions about the future growth of the legal profession, and imagines a meeting with Lincoln and Obama in this Oklahoma Legal Group Blog post

"There are lots of trade-secret cases filed and litigated every day; it's the most common type of IP case. But very few make it to the stage that they could constitute a criminal investigation." Distinguished Prof. Michael Carrier discussed a lawsuit against Uber in this report by The Wall Street Journal:

"There's more than enough blame to go around" when it comes to drug prices. Distinguished Professor Michael Carrier shares insights in this Chicago Tribune article

Clinical Professor J.C. Lore provides analysis in this PhillyVoice report on an ongoing trial for the death of a three-year-old Camden County boy.

Distinguished Professor Michael Carrier shared his expert insight for this report on Uber and self-driving cars in The New York Times

Clinical Professor J.C. Lore shared his insights with PhillyVoice for this article about an ongoing murder trial in South Jersey.

Professor David Frankford is quoted in this POLITICO report about businessman and philanthropist Patrick Soon-Shiong.

Steve Gold, an expert on environmental law, reflects on President Trump's executive order on climate change in this opinion piece on

Professor Emeritus Paul Tractenberg was featured in a video produced by Due Process, an Emmy award-winning legal affairs television show. 

Professor Gary Francione argues that advocates of animal rights should focus more on not eating animals than closing circuses, in this Opinion article in The Conversation.

Perry Dane, professor of law, provides expert commentary in this Philadelphia Inquirer article about President Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

Michael Carrier, distinguished professor of law, shares his expert perspective in this report by The New York Times about a lawsuit accusing pharmaceutical companies of fixing insulin prices.

Michael Carrier, distinguished professor of law, is one of 20 experts who contributed to the American Bar Association report on antitrust law.

Michael Carrier, distinguished professor of law, shares his antitrust expertise in this Philadelphia Inquirer article.

Rutgers Law professors are among 1,100 legal scholars nationwide who oppose President-elect Trump's nomination of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for attorney general.

Professor Laura Cohen, Director of the Criminal and Youth Justice Clinic, talks about juvenile sentencing and the need to rehabilitate juvenile offenders, on NJTV.

Professor Michael Carrier reflects on an investigation about generic drug companies fixing prices in this New York Times article.

Professor Adil Haque, an expert on the law and ethics of armed conflict, weighs in on the Pentagon's new rules for combat in this New York Times article

Four Rutgers Law professors were among 42 Constitutional scholars nationwide to sign an open letter to President-elect Donald Trump asking him to abide by the Constitution. Details are included in this USA Today article.

Rutgers Law Distinguished Professor Earl Maltz, who teaches torts in Camden, discussed the need to adjust the Electoral College in WHYY's NEWSWORKS

Professor Emeritus Paul Tractenberg, president of the Center for Diversity and Equality in Education, whose life's work has been about equality in education, discusses why students benefit from attending integrated schools in this New York Times article.

Distinguished Professor of Law Michael Carrier gave the keynote talk at the New Jersey Law Journal Pharma and IP Legal Summit. Read highlights from his presentation.

Rutgers Law Distinguished Professor Michael Carrier, who teaches intellectual property at Camden, discusses Capital One’s antitrust case against Intellectual Ventures with the American Lawyer.

Rutgers Law Clinical Prof. J.C. Lore III, who directs the trial advocacy program in Camden, talks with the Wall Street Journal on the latest in Bridgegate.

Rutgers Law Professor Ellen Goodman, who teaches copyright law in Camden and co-directs the Rutgers Institute for Information Policy & Law, discusses in this story how Facebook could recover from the fake news controversy by subsidizing local news.