The Rutgers Law School culture is one of inclusion and accessibility.

Students in good standing with one full year of law studies at an ABA-accredited institution may apply for admission for the fall semester by July 1.

Reasons for the transfer should be submitted in a personal statement with the application. If enrolled at another law school during the spring semester immediately prior to seeking admission to Rutgers Law School, an official transcript of work completed during this last semester must be on file with the Office of Admissions before consideration is given.

Students applying for the fall semester may not take summer classes at their law school as grades do not become available in time to render a decision.

Courses completed with a grade of C or better are transferable and a maximum of 41 credits may be transferred.

Students wishing to transfer mid-year should call either the Admissions Office in Camden (856-225-6102) or Newark (973-353-5554) for information.


Transfer applicants must submit:

  • an official transcript, including rank in class
  • a letter from the applicant's previous institution that certifies the candidate's good   academic standing and eligibility to continue in the legal education program
  • a letter of recommendation from one of their law professor