Connect with current students at Rutgers Law in Camden during admit-exclusive Q&A sessions where you can ask about student life, finding an internship, personalizing your education, and more! These sessions are for admitted students only. Dates will be added in the spring semester.

3L, Tue Ho 

  • Home State: Pennsylvania
  • Legal Interests: Public Interest, Education, Housing, Civil Rights, Public Defense, Prison Abolition
  • Organizations: National Security Law Society (President), Environmental Law Society (VP), International Law Society (VP), Women's Law Caucus (Treasurer), Hunter Moot Court, and more! 
  • BioHey everyone. My name is Tue Ho (pronounced "Tway"). I was born in Vietnam but immigrated over straight to Philly. I grew up playing curveball, half ball, and all sorts of street hockey here in South Philly. My father was a Buddhist monk and so, in a way, I'm a bit of a preachers' kid. I enjoy reading non-fiction, going on bike rides, and sleeping while trying to meditate. I studied history at Temple, Education at Penn, and now am studying Law at Rutgers. Prior to law school, I was a special ed teacher in Kensington, an ESL teacher in Vietnam, and a greeter at Disney World. I'm very concerned about displacement and have been involved in different housing advocacy groups in Philadelphia. I hope to find a way to hold city planners and private developers accountable for creating and maintaining affordable housing. I'm also passionate about educational equity and hope to one day provide legal services to students and their communities. During my 1L summer, I interned for the ACLU in Pennsylvania. During the 2L spring semester, I interned at the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission reviewing discrimination claims in housing, employment, and public accommodations. Finally, I interned at Amistad Law Project, a Movement Lawyering and Abolition advocacy organization during my 2L summer. Recently, I've been learning a lot about Medical-Legal Partnerships as an avenue to address social determinants of health, in order to support low-income communities towards positive health outcomes.
  • Session Date: Coming soon!

3L, Kate Doyle 

  • Home State: Virginia
  • Legal Interests: Reproductive Justice, Public Interest more broadly
  • Organizations: CurrentlyIf/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice (President and Founder), Domestic Violence Pro Bono Project, Mediation Pro Bono Project. Previously— Street Law Community Educator and Voters' Rights Project. Outside of school, independent fundraiser for local abortion funds, and clinic escort. 
  • Bio: Working at Planned Parenthood in the wake of the 2016 presidential election prompted me to pursue law school as a non-traditional, first generation college/law student. Though I completed 1L as a full-time student, my second year in school I worked during the day, and attended Rutgers as a part-time 2LE (I'm back as a full-timer for 3L; I've done it all!). I've held summer internships at the Women's Law Project—working on pregnancy discrimination, Title IX, and judicial bypass cases—as well as at Community Legal Services, representing the most vulnerable Philadelphians in their pursuit of public benefits. Rutgers has provided me experiential learning opportunities in the Veterans Advocacy Clinical, and via my current judicial externship in the NJ Appellate Division. Since graciously moving to NJ with me, my fiance has also become a Rutgers Law student!
  • Session Date: Coming soon!

1L, Loris Dennis

  • Home State: Michigan
  • Legal Interests: Public Interest, Education Law, Intellectual Property Law
  • Organizations: Social Justice Scholar, Minority Student Program, and Association for Public Interest Law (1L Rep)
  • Bio: I am originally from Michigan! For my undergrad degree, I studied Psychology at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. After completing leadership opportunities at Denison, I joined Teach for America in Boston Massachusetts, and taught Biology. While in Teach for America I worked with the organization to fight for equity for students of color and low-income diverse communities. As I worked with the families and students in my community, I knew going to law school was a crucial step in becoming a strong advocate for them to ensure various needs including education, housing, and overall security were met. I look forward to using my knowledge to ensure equity in these communities is accomplished.
  • Session Date: Coming soon! 

3L, Anna Esposito

  • Home State: New Jersey
  • Legal Interests: Environmental Law, Estates and Trusts
  • Organizations: Pro Bono Estate Planning, Journal of Law and Public Policy, Hunter Moot Court (2L Year)
  • Bio: I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BS in Agricultural and Resource Economics with concentrations in International Development and Environmental Policy and a minor in Anthropology. I grew up on the Jersey Shore where I'm a lifeguard for Surf City on Long Beach Island. During my 1L summer, I interned for Rutgers Law Associates' Crime Victims Law Center and Environmental Enforcement at the NJ Division of Law. Last summer, I was a summer associate at Archer Law Office where I worked on estates and guardianships. I am currently pursuing a clerkship for after graduation. 
  • Session Date: Coming soon!

2L, Gabriella Greenhoward

  • Home State: I am from NY, went to undergrad in PA, my home state is currently NJ
  • Legal Interests: Labor and Employment, and Energy Law
  • Organizations: Black Law Students Association (President), Latin American Law Student Alliance (Secretary), Journal of Law and Religion (Staff Editor), Minority Student Program (Member)
  • Bio: My name is Gabriella Greenhoward, and I am a proud member of the Rutgers Camden family. I grew up in Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY. In addition to my love of spending time at the beach, I also enjoy leisurely reading, trying new recipes, and making collages with old magazines. I attended Moravian University in Bethlehem, PA, where I received my undergraduate degree in English. This past summer, I had the privilege of pursuing a split summer internship with Cullen and Dykman and New Jersey American Water. It was invaluable to experience two potential career pathways and the differences in the pace, assignments, and general feel. After completing my first year of law school, I am confident that Rutgers Law School is the right place for me.
  • Session Date: Coming soon!

1L, Doug Hicks

  • Home State: Pennsylvania

  • Legal Interests: Intellectual Property, Public Interest Law, Constitutional Law, Legal Writing

  • Organizations: IP Law Association

  • Bio: Originally, I am from Hatboro, PA and I moved to the Camden suburbs to attend Rutgers Law. I completed my undergraduate education at Temple University where I majored in Economics and Political Science. During my time as an undergraduate, I had the opportunity to intern with the PA House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. After graduating in January of 2020, I worked for a year as a paralegal in a consumer protection firm near my hometown in PA. When I am not reading for school, I love to read non-fiction and history books. I also love to play golf, basketball, and I am an avid runner. The best part about Rutgers Law so far is that there are plenty of opportunities to continue doing what you love outside of your studies with students who have similar interests!

  • Session Date: Coming soon!

1L, Spencer Holm

  • Home State: Pennsylvania
  • Legal Interests: Intellectual Property Law, Family and Juvenile Law
  • Organizations: Intellectual Property Law Society, Street Law
  • Bio: I meandered my way through undergraduate studies, eventually earning a BA from Cornell University in English, specifically Creative Writing.  Before applying to Law School, I spent 3.5 years helping a small, local business grow into a regional production facility, with tendrils towards national and international distribution. I know first-hand what it's like to spill blood, sweat, and tears into a brand, so my legal goals include helping small, local businesses in protecting their property. Additionally, I hope to focus my pro-bono work on helping families and kids affected by addiction.
  • Session Date: Coming soon!

3L, Sydney Larsen

  • Home State: New Jersey
  • Legal Interests: Education, Labor and Employment Law, Municipal Law
  • Organizations: Mediation Pro Bono Project, Journal of Law and Public Policy, Women’s Law Caucus (Former President), Domestic Violence Project
  • Bio: Currently, I am a 3L at Rutgers Law anticipating graduation in the Spring. Before law school, I graduated from Rowan University with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in International Studies. Throughout my law school career, I served as the President of the Women’s Law Caucus, a Staff Editor for the Journal of Law and Public Policy, and a Student Leader for the Mediation Pro Bono Project. I also participate in the Domestic Violence Project and I work in the Rutgers Law Admissions Office. This past summer, I worked as a Law Clerk for DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick, Cole & Giblin focusing on areas of estates and trusts, municipal law, labor and employment law, and education law. After graduation, I will be clerking for the Honorable Edward Hoffman in the Burlington County Family Division. 
  • Session Date: Coming soon!

1L, Kee Min 

  • Home State: Pennsylvania
  • Legal Interests: Education, Civil Rights, Intellectual Property, Labor, Sports, Environmental
  • Organizations: Rutgers Intellectual Property Legal Association (Treasurer), Sports and Entertainment Law Society (1L Rep), Minority Student Program, Animal Legal Defense Fund
  • Bio: Hello, my name is Kee Min! I am an immigrant from South Korea who graduated from Temple University with a BS in Journalism. I grew up on two opposite sides of the world, and I haven’t stopped moving around as I love to travel all over the world! I currently work as an intern for Dynasty Sports Management based out in Los Angeles as well as talent relations for Combat Zone Wrestling in New Jersey. My legal goals include furthering my career in the sports and entertainment field as well as focusing on labor and civil rights law to help those that need the legal help the most, yet often have no meaningful voice or representation.
  • Session Date: Coming soon!

3L, Mumbi Ngugi 

  • Home State: NJ & California
  • Legal Interests: Constitutional Law, Civil Rights Law, Islamic Law
  • Organizations: Social Justice Scholar, Mediation pro bono project, MSP, Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion
  • Bio: My name is Mũmbi Wanjikũ Ngũgĩ. I'm a 3L at Rutgers Law. This past 2L summer, I interned at the ACLU PA and loved it.  I have delivered two TEDx talks, one called Mocking Hobbes: Florida's Stand Your Ground Law, and another titled "In Defense of Liberal Arts Education". Both can be found on Youtube. 
  • Session Date: Coming soon!

1L, Dominique Perez 

  • Home StateNew Jersey
  • Legal Interests: Civil Rights, Employment, Immigration, Human Rights, and Government
  • Organizations: 1L Representative for the Women's Law Caucus
  • Bio: I was born and raised in southern New Jersey about ten minutes from Atlantic City. After graduating from Absegami High School, I went to the University of Delaware and majored in Political Science and Sociology. Within my Political Science degree I concentrated in American Politics, and I also received a minor in Legal Studies. During undergrad, I had opportunities to pursue internships with the Biden Institute as well as an internship with a local attorney in New Jersey who is also a graduate of Rutgers Law School. I was also part of Pi Sigma Alpha's (Political Science Honor Society) annual conference to present research on Critical Race Theory in the Spring of 2021. I graduated from the University of Delaware in the spring of 2021, and started at Rutgers Law in August 2021. In my free time I love to watch football (Go Raiders!), exercise, hang out with my friends, go to the beach, and read. In my legal career I would really like to work with the ACLU and the Center for Reproductive Rights. I would also like to work on progressive agendas such as homelessness, income inequality, climate change, and work to expand voting rights. I am really excited for my future here at Rutgers and I am grateful to be a student here to pursue a legal education. I am looking forward to answering any and all questions prospective students have, and I can't wait to share my experience in order to encourage everyone to come pursue their legal dreams at Rutgers Law School! 
  • Session Date: Coming soon!

1L, Paula Souvannaphasy 

  • Home State: Washington
  • Legal Interests: Criminal Justice Reform, Juvenile Justice, and Civil Rights
  • Organizations: Social Justice Scholar, Minority Student Program, and Street Law
  • Bio: I’m a first-generation Laotian that recently moved from Seattle, WA after spending the last eight years working in nonprofit. After my undergrad, I completed a year of AmeriCorps VISTA, worked in Development at United Way of King County and most recently, in Communications at the ACLU of Washington. Working in these areas allowed me to explore the many urgent issues our nation is/has been grappling with including criminal justice reform, juvenile justice, immigration reform, reproductive rights and technology and privacy laws, to name a few. I reached a point in my career where I knew I needed to go back to school to create greater change and to work in public policy. The law degree will help me advocate for underserved communities and work in the areas I care deeply about.
  • Session Date: Coming soon!

1L, Rachel Tavani

  • Home State: New Jersey 
  • Legal Interests: Education Law, Public Interest Law, Civil Rights Law, Reproductive Justice Law 
  • Organizations: Association for Public Interest Law (1L Rep), Women's Law Caucus 
  • Bio: I was born and raised in Voorhees, New Jersey. I attended Drew University for my undergraduate degree, where I earned a BA in International Relations and French with specialized honors. While studying at Drew, I interned for Senator Cory Booker, completed a semester of study at the United Nations, and wrote a thesis about the radical-right political movement in France. After Drew, I joined Teach for America- Memphis, where I taught English and Government in a low-income high school for three years. During my time in the classroom, I earned a Masters of Educational Policy and Leadership from American University. While completing my graduate program, I took an Educational Law class that inspired me to attend law school to help create positive, institutional changes to classrooms across the United States. I intend to pursue public interest or educational law after graduation.
  • Session Date: Coming soon!