Community Leadership Center (CLC) Lecture Series: The State of Public Charter Schools in New Jersey

Friday, November 20, 2015, 9 am - 12 pm

Dr. GloriaBonilla-Santiago Building, 12th Floor, 130 N. Broadway, Camden, NJ 08102

The emergence of charter schools has shaken up public education in urban settings. Charter schools have proven to be successful vehicles for community development and urban neighborhood revitalization. Yet, so many structural and funding models exist. Parents and families know that they can have a better school to send their child to, but how do they reconcile the differences in educational philosophies, curriculum, and neighborhood engagement? Various charter school organizations are establishing a prominent presence in distressed urban environments, like Camden. Education leaders can provide a clear delineation and breakdown of the various models, styles, and methods so that families and taxpayers have a better understanding of who and what are entering their communities.

Parking will be available in Camden Technology Center Parking Garage located at 601 Cooper Street.

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