Course Description



(2 non-course credits, graded)

Spanish for Lawyers is a course geared to supporting the clinical student in communicating with her or his Spanish speaking only clientele. While a few basic rules of grammar are necessary and will be incorporated, the course deemphasizes language structure and grammar in favor of familiarizing the clinical participant with the use of the Spanish language for a special purpose, largely in a situational and conversational context which the participant is likely to meet in a clinical program. It is contemplated that the student will acquire a commensurate level of skill in reading and writing however, the emphasis is on oral communication. The instruction will also consist of learning to ask and tell time, fluency in the calendar and anatomical parts of the body. The course is intense and offers non-course credit. The course concludes with an oral exam. Some knowledge of Spanish is helpful and an affinity for language learning is an asset.