Course Description

601:545. Advanced Professionalism-Preparation for Practice

(2) WI

Prerequisite: Professional Responsibility


This course will assist third year law students in building upon the knowledge and skills they’ve developed in law school and becoming the practice-ready attorneys that are so valued in the legal marketplace. Topics include the changing nature and evolving challenges of the legal profession, time and practice management, professional communications and relationships, ethics in action, and emerging legal technology.  The course will examine these issues through the lens of different forms of practice--large and small law firms, solo practice, corporate counsel, government, educational and judicial careers, non-profits and non-legal jobs utilizing law school experiences.

Course work will include readings and simulations as students consider the roles that lawyers play in solving clients’ legal, ethical, and practical problems. Each student will write a paper and give a presentation to the group on a topic related to professionalism. Each student will design his or her own professionalism plan based on needs and interests and will be provided with mentoring and fieldwork opportunities based on that plan. Performance will be evaluated by written projects, oral presentations, and class participation.