Course Description



Limited enrollment (8) and consent of the professor required.

This four-credit course will combine class study of international human rights litigation with substantial written assignments prepared at the request of non-profit litigators and human rights groups. The course will meet four hours a week. Students will research and write briefs, complaints, memos, and reports for non-governmental, non-profit human rights litigators and advocates. Class time and assigned readings will study domestic and international human rights advocacy mechanisms and explore the legal, strategic, ethical and theoretical issues raised by such work. Some classes will focus on issues triggered by the particular projects assigned that semester. Some class time will be used for group or individual meetings with the professor. Outside class, students will work on projects in collaboration with one or more other students. Projects will be designed to expose students to the different tools available to promote respect for human rights and to integrate the theory and practice of human rights advocacy. Assignments will vary each semester. All assignments will require extensive research and writing. The clinic will provide significant opportunity to develop international human rights law research and writing skills. Enrollment is limited to 8 students.