Course Description




This course combines the study of international trade and investment treaty law, with training in the practice skills and rules governing international business transactions among private parties. We will study the international treaty framework liberalizing and regulating the flow of goods, services, capital and persons across borders, including non-tariff barriers to trade, international intellectual property, international bids and other procurement contracts, the regulation of international finance and foreign ventures, and the institutional and constitutional framework applicable to trade and investment in the international context.  We will also cover the principal issues faced by cross-border practitioners structuring the sale of goods, licenses, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and other sample transactions that individuals and corporations effectuate in the ordinary course of their business. Students will have the opportunity to structure a cross-border merger and to work on an international investment filing, and to practice the skills necessary to those areas of legal practice.  The course will cover selected provisions of the World Trade Organization, NAFTA, and European Union treaties, and case law decided thereunder, as well as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement currently under negotiation, with a view to giving the students the doctrinal and practical tools to understand the policy choices made under each regulatory framework.