Course Description


Tara Pellicori

LE: 20

Pre or Co-requisite: Business Organizations

The course provides students with an opportunity to gain practical skills relative to the dynamics of understanding and structuring corporate transactions, to learn about the role that lawyers and law play in these types of representations, and to gain experience in drafting communications and actual corporate documents. The course will also address substantive legal, business, theoretical, policy and ethical matters that affect the lawyer’s role within the workplace relative to transactions of this type.

The course is structured around a simulated drafting, negotiation and employment experience in which the students gain exposure to the types of corporate assignments they would likely receive as junior transactional associates.  Our fictitious law firm, “Scarlet Knight LLP”, will be representing a client on a seller-side stock acquisition transaction.  Each student will take on the role of a first year associate on this transaction, and the professor serves as the Senior Associate guiding them through their assignments and professional experience.