Course Description

601:661. BASEBALL ARBITRATION (2) S - Winter 2021



This course is only open to students who have successfully completed Contracts.

November 1s t- January 2nd: Open time period. Two hour online introduction you must watch and complete a few short questions to ensure completion.

Class meets during Winter Session, January 4-11, 2021. Classes are as follows: Monday, January 4th, 5:30-10:00 pm; Tuesday, January 5th, 5:30-10:00; Wednesday, January 6th, 10:00-2:30 or 5:30-10:00 pm (students only need to attend one session on Jan. 6th) and Thursday, January 7th from 6:00-10:00 pm: Arbitrations with outside judges. No book required, materials to be provided in class and posted on class Web board. First draft of Briefs will be due on January 4th

Students wishing to participate in the Spring New Orleans Baseball Arbitration Competition (601-575-01) must enroll in this course, which will be used to select competitors.

Course Description: This course allows students to build critical negotiation, drafting and arbitration skills. Students will learn the history of arbitration, baseball contract law, and the use of Final Offer Arbitration (FOA) in sports agreements and current commercial and international contracts. By preparing for and conducting a baseball arbitration simulation and several other salary negotiation simulations, students will gain valuable hands-on experience in the world of negotiation, arbitration and sports law practice. In one exercise, students will draft and negotiate a FOA arbitration provision in a general commercial contract. In another exercise, students will draft an arbitration brief and then participate in an intensive three-day series of mock player-team salary negotiations and final baseball salary arbitrations. A competition for New Orleans will be held on the final day. Students will get advice and feedback from both Dean Andrews and sports lawyers. 

Winter Session: you will be expected to understand your comparables and prepare your first draft of your brief and slides by the 1st winter class. A final arbitration competition will be held before outside arbitrators on Saturday, January 9th. You must participate in this competition to be selected for the National Competition in New Orleans. See Dean Andrews for any clarifications about in-class lecture requirements and mock arbitration schedules during that week.