Course Description


Hyland, Patterson, Ryan, Sablove, Barkasy

Exclusion: Students who have previously taken Sales or Secured Transactions may not take this course.

This course provides an introduction to the concepts and methods of commercial law. A survey course, it explores all articles of the Uniform Commercial Code as well as international dimensions of commercial law.

The student will be required to digest, deconstruct and synthesize with the applicable legal principles of commercial law the very complex factual patterns presented in the cases in the text book. In addition, while the primary emphasize of the course will be on cases, we will also devote a considerable amount of time to the statutory provisions of the UCC that are cited in the cases or the text.

Completion of this course gives students a firm footing for any advanced course in commercial law. Students taking only one course in commercial law will, in this course, receive broad exposure to the basics of commercial law.