Course Description



Pre-requisite- Business Organizations

Pre/Co-requisite- Professional Responsibility

The Entrepreneurship Clinic provides students with hands-on transactional law experience in representing for-profit and social entrepreneurs. And it will create linkages with the Greater Camden entrepreneurial community that will provide further opportunities to promote economic development and job creation.

The Clinic provides counseling and representation on such matters as: pre-venture activities; business planning; entity selection (e.g., whether to incorporate, form a partnership, create a limited liability company); negotiating, drafting, and reviewing agreements; management and transparency-in-governance issues; capital structure, valuation, and finance; intellectual property; ongoing entrepreneurial and business activities; particular issues relevant to non-profits; employee management issues; and community relations issues.

Working in teams under the supervision of a faculty member, students will be responsible for maintaining relationships with their clients and the client files; reviewing clients’ business models and developing work plans to meet the clients’ needs; recording time, undertaking research, and participating in firm and team meetings (including weekly “case rounds” in which students discuss their cases).

A weekly seminar will supplement the work representing clients. Its objective is to provide an overview of the critical concepts, perspectives, and skills necessary for the successful practice of transactional law. The seminar will cover entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship law, case management, client interactions, professional responsibility, transactional lawyering, forming a business, financing/funding a business, contract negotiation and drafting, building a business brand, and protecting intellectual property.

Evening students have priority for registration in the class. Participation in the clinic is at the discretion of the professor.