Course Description



Prerequisites: Children=s Justice Clinic and permission of instructors

This advanced clinic will focus on increasing the depth of the skills necessary to effective representation and to making the law more responsive to the needs of children involved in the juvenile court system. Specifically, this course will consider children=s issues beyond the context of juvenile delinquency court in Camden County. Students may work on a variety of projects. Examples of these projects are appeals, amicus brief writing, legislative initiatives, other legal reform work, advanced lawyering skills, interdisciplinary and holistic lawyering initiatives for Children=s Justice Clinic clients.

One stated mission of the Children=s Justice Clinic is to elevate the level of child lawyering in Camden County and throughout New Jersey. Students enrolled in this course will work towards a more integrated view of the nature of Abest practices@ in the field and create initiatives to make the law more responsive to the needs of children and families. Students will meet weekly to discuss progress on their projects and reflect on their learning which may be accompanied by the submission of weekly journal assignments.