Course Description

601:789 Advanced Human Rights Advocacy and Litigation (2)



Enrollment with consent of the professor.

This advanced course-clinic is only open to students who have completed Human Rights Advocacy and Litigation and by permission of the professor. Students in this course continue their work on human rights advocacy and litigation through projects such as researching and drafting complaints, briefs and legal memos; preparing for hearings; and working with clients.


Explanation: Student in Human Rights Advocacy and Litigation (a 4-credit course-clinic hybrid usually offered in the fall) work on a variety of projects, including federal court cases, petitions to regional human rights organizations and/or research projects for non-profit human rights groups. Occasionally, the projects will extend into the spring, and the students (as well as the clients) will benefit from the opportunity to continue their work into the next stage of the process. This advanced course will only be offered when the work of the clinic offers the opportunity for students to build upon – without repeating – the learning opportunities of the first semester.