Course Description



Skills Course

LE - 8

Prerequisite: Students must have already taken Professional Responsibility or must be taking the course concurrently.

Students in the Mortgage Foreclosure Project Clinic will assist homeowners whose homes are in foreclosure and who seek to participate in mediation to modify their mortgage and avoid foreclosure of their home. Students, working in teams of two, will interview homeowners, counsel them as to their options, assist them with their application for mediation and, in some cases, third and fourth-year students may represent homeowners at mediation.

Students attend a weekly seminar where they will learn interviewing, counseling, and persuasive advocacy skills along with substantive and procedural law relating to mortgage foreclosure and foreclosure mediation in New Jersey. In addition to participating in the seminar, students must be available to meet with their clients; client meetings may take place during regular business hours or during the evening or weekend. Students will also have regular case supervision meetings with the professor.

Second-, third-, and fourth-year students may enroll in this course. To enroll, students must have successfully passed all first year courses. Professional Responsibility is a prerequisite or may be taken concurrently.