Externship Listings

ID #228
TypeNew Jersey
Agency name line 1Prisoner Litigation Office
Agency name line 2U.S. District Court of New Jersey
Address line 1Clarkson S Fisher Bldg & US Courthouse
Address line 2402 E State Street
DutiesPrepare memoranda on specific points of law and observe in-court proceedings.
Agency descriptionOffice serves all of the District Court Judges in handling habeas corpus petitions as well as prisoner civil rights cases.
Time requirementsAt least 12 hours per week; 9-5.
Position requirementsConstitutional criminal procedure coursework is a plus, GPA 3.0 or better.
Writing sample requiredyes
Number of students requested1
RestrictionsExtern is subject to background check and must comply with the Judicial Code of Conduct.
Supervisor's salutationMr
Supervisor's first nameDrew
Supervisor's last nameWhelan
Supervisor's tagEsq.
Supervisor's titleSupervisory Staff Law clerk
Contact's first nameDrew
Contact's last nameWhelan
Contact's tagEsq.
Contact's title line #1Supervisory Staff Law Clerk
Contact's phone #609-815-2323
Skill creditsNEW OCT 2015

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