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Judicial Agencies Master
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TypeSubTypeJudge's Name
FederalAdministrative CourtPolito, Chief ALJ EEOC
  Timlin, ALJ U.S. Dept. of Labor
 Bankruptcy Court - FederalFerguson, U.S.B.J.
 District Court - FederalHillman, U.S.D.J.
  Shipp, U.S.D.J
 Immigration Court - Philadelphia PAPhiladelphia Immigration Court
 Third Circuit Court of Appeals - PhiladelphiaAppellate Mediation Program
  McKee, Circuit Judge
  Restrepo, U.S. Circuit Judge
  Roth, Circuit Judge
 U.S. Bankruptcy Court - CamdenAltenburg, Jr., U.S.B.J.
  Poslusny, Jr., U.S.B.J.
 U.S. Bankruptcy Court - PhiladelphiaFitzSimon, U.S.B.J.
 U.S. Bankruptcy Court - TrentonKaplan, U.S.B.J.
 U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Wilmington DEWalrath, U.S.B.J.
 U.S. District Court - CamdenBumb, U.S.D.J.
  Kugler, U.S.D.J.
  Simandle, U.S.D.J
 U.S. District Court - PhiladelphiaRobreno, U.S.D.J.
 U.S. District Court - TrentonSheridan, U.S.D.J.
 U.S. District Court - Wilmington DEBurke, U.S.M.J.
  Fallon, U.S.M.J.
  Sleet, U.S.D.J.
  Stark, U.S.D.J
 U.S. Magistrate Court - CamdenDonio, U.S.M.J.
  Schneider, U.S.M.J.
  Williams, U.S.M.J.
 U.S. Magistrate Court - FederalBurke
 U.S. Magistrate Court - PhiladelphiaRice, U.S.M.J.
 U.S. Magistrate Court - TrentonArpert, U.S.M.J.
  Bongiovanni, U.S.M.J.
  Goodman, U.S.M.J.
State Kennedy
 Appellate Division - NJHaas, J.A.D.
  Hoffman, J.A.D.
  Ostrer, J.A.D.
 Bucks County PA Court of Common Pleas - DoylestownGilman, Court of Common Pleas Judge
 Court of Common Pleas - PAAnders
 Delaware Chancery CourtAttn: Michelle Simione
 Montgomery County - Court of Common PleasWall, Court of Common Pleas Judge
 New Jersey Supreme Court - CamdenFernandez-Vina, Justice
 New Jersey Supreme Court - Cherry HillSolomon, Justice
 New Jersey Supreme Court - FairfieldRabner, Chief Justice
 New Jersey Supreme Court - MorristownPatterson, Justice
 NJ Administrative - TrentonNJ Office of Administrative Law
 NJ Appellate Division - TrentonSabatino, P.J.A.D.
  Sapp-Peterson, J.A.D.
  Suter, J.A.D.
 NJ Superior Court - Somerset County - CriminalReed, P.J.
 NJ Superior Court - Atlantic County - CriminalRauh, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Bergen County - All DivisionsBergen County Superior Court
 NJ Superior Court - Burlington - CriminalCook, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Burlington - FamilyDomzalski
 NJ Superior Court - Camden - CivilRodriguez, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Camden - CriminalFox, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Camden - FamilyCharny, J.S.C.
  Ragonese, J.S.C.
  Smith, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Civil DivBooth, Jr., J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Cumberland County - FamilyJohnson, Jr. J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Elizabeth (Union County) - Civil PartCiarrocca, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Essex - CriminalHutchins-Henderson, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Gloucester County - Family DivKramer, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Gloucester County - General EquityMcDonnell, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Mercer - Assignment JudgeJacobson, A.J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Middlesex - CriminalJimenez, Jr., J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Middlesex County/New Brunswick - Criminal/Civil/ChanceryFrancis, A.J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Monmouth County - Appellate DivMessano, P.J.A.D.
 NJ Superior Court - New Brunswick - CivilLeblon, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Somerset CountyCiccone, A.J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Special Civil DivShusted, Jr., J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Trenton - CivilWalcott-Henderson
 NJ Tax Court - TrentonDeAlmeida, P.J.T.C.
 OtherGentek-Mayer, Surrogate
 Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas - CivilCeisler
  Complex Litigation Center
 Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas - CriminalDeFino-Nastasi
 Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas - Trial Court - CriminalLane
 Superior Court (Appellate) - PAFitzgerald, III
 Superior Court - NJKramer
  Pugliese, J.S.C.

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