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Judicial Agencies Master
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TypeSubTypeJudge's Name
FederalAdministrative Law CourtFrancis Polito, Chief ALJ EEOC
  Acting District Chief Theresa Timlin, ALJ U.S. Dept. of Labor
 Immigration Court - Philadelphia PANatalie Richmond, Judicial LawClerk Philadelphia Immigration Court
 Third Circuit Court of Appeals - PhiladelphiaJoseph A. Torregrossa, Esq. Appellate Mediation Program
  The Honorable Theodore McKee, Circuit Judge
  The Honorable L. Felipe Restrepo, U.S. Circuit Judge
 U.S. Bankruptcy CourtThe Honorable Kathryn Ferguson, U.S.B.J.
 U.S. Bankruptcy Court - CamdenThe Honorable Andrew Altenburg, Jr., U.S.B.J.
  The Honorable Jerrold N. Poslusny, Jr., U.S.B.J.
 U.S. Bankruptcy Court - PhiladelphiaThe Honorable Jean FitzSimon, U.S.B.J.
 U.S. Bankruptcy Court - TrentonThe Honorable Michael Kaplan, U.S.B.J.
 U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Wilmington DEThe Honorable Mary Walrath, U.S.B.J.
 U.S. Court of AppealsTest2 - Judge First Name Test2 - Judge Last Name
 U.S. District CourtGeorgette Castner U.S.D.J.
  The Honorable Noel Hillman, U.S.D.J.
  The Honorable Michael Shipp, U.S.D.J
  Rukhsanah Singh
 U.S. District Court - CamdenThe Honorable Renee Marie Bumb, U.S.D.J.
  The Honorable Robert Kugler, U.S.D.J.
 U.S. District Court - PhiladelphiaThe Honorable Eduardo Robreno, U.S.D.J.
 U.S. District Court - Wilmington DEThe Honorable Christopher Burke, U.S.M.J.
  The Honorable Sherry Fallon, U.S.M.J.
  The Honorable Gregory Sleet, U.S.D.J.
  The Honorable Leonard Stark, U.S.D.J
 U.S. Magistrate Court - CamdenThe Honorable Ann Marie Donio, U.S.M.J.
  The Honorable Karen Williams, U.S.M.J.
 U.S. Magistrate Court - FederalChristopher Burke
 U.S. Magistrate Court - PhiladelphiaThe Honorable Timothy Rice, U.S.M.J.
 U.S. Magistrate Court - TrentonThe Honorable Douglas Arpert, U.S.M.J.
  The Honorable Tonianne Bongiovanni, U.S.M.J.
  The Honorable Lois Goodman, U.S.M.J.
State The Honorable Sean Kennedy
 Appellate Division - NJThe Honorable Michael Haas, J.A.D.
  The Honorable Richard Hoffman, J.A.D.
  The Honorable Mitchel Ostrer, J.A.D.
 Bucks County PA Court of Common Pleas - DoylestownThe Honorable Gary Gilman, Court of Common Pleas Judge
 Delaware Chancery CourtDelaware Chancery Court Attn: Michelle Simione
 Montgomery County - Court of Common PleasThe Honorble Kelly C. Wall, Court of Common Pleas Judge
 New Jersey Supreme Court - CamdenThe Honorable F.J. Fernandez-Vina, Justice
 New Jersey Supreme Court - Cherry HillThe Honorable Justice Lee Solomon, Justice
 New Jersey Supreme Court - FairfieldThe Honorable Stuart Rabner, Chief Justice
 New Jersey Supreme Court - MorristownThe Honorable Anne Patterson, Justice
 NJ Administrative - TrentonNJ Office of Administrative Law
 NJ Appellate Division - TrentonThe Honorable Jack Sabatino, P.J.A.D.
  The Honorable Paulette Sapp-Peterson, J.A.D.
  The Honorable Karen Suter, J.A.D.
 NJ Superior Court - Somerset County - CriminalThe Honorable Robert Reed, P.J.
 NJ Superior Court (Law Division)N/A Bergen County Superior Court
  The Honorable Thomas Booth, Jr., J.S.C.
  The Honorable Judith Charny, J.S.C.
  The Honorable Kurt Kramer
  Owen McCarthy
  The Honorable Anthony Pugliese, J.S.C.
  The Honorable John Rauh, J.S.C.
  The Honorable Mark Sandson
  The Honorable Donald Stein
 NJ Superior Court - Burlington - CriminalThe Honorable Terrence Cook, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Burlington - FamilyThe Honorable Kenneth Domzalski
  The Honorable Paula Dow
 NJ Superior Court - Camden - CivilThe Honorable Yolanda Rodriguez, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Camden - CriminalThe Honorable Michele Fox, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Camden - FamilyThe Honorable Linda Eynon
  The Honorable David Ragonese, J.S.C.
  The Honorable Morris Smith, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Cumberland County - FamilyThe Honorable Harold Johnson, Jr. J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Elizabeth (Union County) - Civil PartThe Honorable Mark Ciarrocca, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Essex - CriminalThe Honorable Sherry Hutchins-Henderson, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Gloucester County - Family DivThe Honorable Mary Beth Kramer, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Gloucester County - General EquityThe Honorable Anne McDonnell, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Mercer - Assignment JudgeThe Honorable Mary Jacobson, A.J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Middlesex - CriminalThe Honorable Pedro Jimenez, Jr., J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Middlesex County/New Brunswick - Criminal/Civil/ChanceryThe Honorable Travis L. Francis, A.J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Monmouth County - Appellate DivThe Honorable Carmen Messano, P.J.A.D.
 NJ Superior Court - New Brunswick - CivilThe Honorable Vincent Leblon, J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Somerset CountyThe Honorable Yolanda Ciccone, A.J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Special Civil DivThe Honorable Thomas J. Shusted, Jr., J.S.C.
 NJ Superior Court - Trenton - CivilThe Honorable Kay Walcott-Henderson
 NJ Supreme CourtFabiana Pierre-Louis
 NJ Tax Court - TrentonThe Honorable Patrick DeAlmeida, P.J.T.C.
 OtherMichelle Gentek-Mayer, Surrogate
 PA Court of Common PleasDaniel Anders
  The Honorable Anne Marie Coyle
  The Honorable Timika Lane
  Rayford Means
 PA Superior Court (Appellate)The Honorable James Fitzgerald, III
  The Honorable Anne Lazarus
 Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas - CivilThe Honorable Ellen Ceisler
  Annette Ferrara, Esquire - Mass Tort Law Clerk Complex Litigation Center
  The Honorable Angelo Foglietta
 Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas - CriminalThe Honorable RoseMarie DeFino-Nastasi
  The Honorable Scott DiClaudio
  The Honorable Glynnis Hill
  The Honorable Jeffrey Minehart

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