Externship Listings

ID #155
SubtypeNJ Appellate Division - Trenton
CourtSuperior Court - Appellate Division
Judge first nameThe Honorable Jack
Judge last nameSabatino, P.J.A.D.
First line of addressRichard J. Hughes Justice Complex
Second line of address25 Market Street - PO Box 977
DutiesLegal research and factual analysis of briefs and appendices in civil, criminal, family and state agency appeals. Edit and cite-check judical opinions. Attend oral arguments periodically and help discuss cases with the judge.
Agency descriptionIntermediate Appellate Court of general statewide jurisdiction
Time requirements1 1/2 days per week; some work will be portable.
Position requirementsExcellent academic record, especially in courses with writing components; timeliness in meeting deadlines; availability
RestrictionsNo outside employment, other than legal research for faculty member. I request only 3L's or 4L's, no 2L's.
Writing sample requiredYes
Number of students requested1/2
Supervisor salutationJudge
Supervisor first nameJack
Supervisor last nameSabatino
Contact salutationJudge
Contact first nameJack
Contact last nameSabatino
Contact titleJ.A.D.
Contact phone609-777-0200

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