Externship Listings

ID #168
SubtypeCourt of Common Pleas - PA
CourtPhiladelphia Court of Common Pleas - Trial Court
Judge titleJudge, Court of Common Pleas
Judge first nameDaniel
Judge last nameAnders
First line of addressCity Hall, Room 292
Second line of addressPhiladelphia Court of Common Pleas
Dutieslegal research on civil motions; draft opinions for civil appeals
Agency descriptionCourt of Common Pleas - State Trial Court
Time requirementsnone noted
Position requirementsnone noted
Substantive prerequisitesnone required
Externship application deadlineno
RestrictionsCannot work for a law firm that represents clients in the Civil Div of Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County
Writing sample requiredno
Number of students requested1
Supervisor salutationThe Honorable
Supervisor first nameDaniel
Supervisor last nameAnders
Supervisor titleJudge of the Court of Common Pleas
Contact salutationThe Honorable
Contact first nameDaniel
Contact last nameAnders
Contact titleJudge of the Court of Common Pleas
Contact phone215-683-7148

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