Externship Listings

ID #187
SubtypePhiladelphia Court of Common Pleas - Civil
CourtFirst Judicial District of Pennsylvania
Judge first nameAnnette Ferrara, Esquire - Mass Tort Law Clerk
Judge last nameComplex Litigation Center
First line of addressComplex Litigation Center - Mass Tort Program
Second line of addressRoom 622 City Hall
DutiesStudents will have the opportunity to work closely with judges and law clerks, research and write memos and draft opinions, and sit in on settlement conferences, trials, and oral arguments. Students should walk away from this experience with at least one writing credit and will be able to discuss cases and laws with judtges, which may be considered under the contextual skills.
Agency descriptionThe Complex Litigation Center, part of the Civil Trial Divison, focuses mainly on civil litigation matters in the areas of mass tort, arbitration appeals, and major non-jury trials. For more information, please visit http://courts.phila.gov/pdf/civil2001/clc.pdf
Time requirementsOffice is open weekdays from 9-5 and would prefer that students are available to devote times in at least 4 hour blocks.
Position requirementsNone at this time
RestrictionsNone, so long as a student can meet school hour requirements.
Writing sample requiredno
Number of students requested2
Supervisor salutationMs.
Supervisor first nameAnnette
Supervisor last nameFerrara
Supervisor tagEsq.
Supervisor titleComplex Litigation Center - Mass Tort Law Clerk
Contact salutationMs.
Contact first nameAnnette
Contact last nameFerrara
Contact tagEsq.
Contact titleComplex Litigation Center - Mass Tort Law Clerk
Contact phone215-686-5100

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