Externship Listings

ID #194
SubtypeNew Jersey Supreme Court - Fairfield
Judge titleChief Justice
Judge first nameThe Honorable Stuart
Judge last nameRabner, Chief Justice
First line of addressNew Jersey Supreme Court - Fairfield
Second line of address100 Passaic Avenue
DutiesThe Supreme Court of NJ is a court of discretionary review. Each week, interns will draft 1 or 2 five-page memoranda on pending matters. Interns will review case files, research relevant legal issues, and recommend whether the Court should agree to hear the matter presented. Interns may also be asked to assist in other research matters.
Agency descriptionAs the state's highest appellate court, the NJ Supreme Court decides appeals from the lower courts. In deciding the cases that come before it, the Court interprets the NJ and the US Constitutions, NJ statutes, administrative regulations of state agencies, and common law. Documents requested: cover letter, resume, writing sample, unofficial transcript.
Time requirementsAt least one full day, or two half days per week.
Position requirementsNone. A familiarity with criminal procedure is helpful but not necessary.
RestrictionsStudents who work in clinic, law firm, or other legal practice that interacts with the state court system will not be eligible to work simultaneiously in chambers.
Writing sample requiredYes
Number of students requested2
Supervisor salutationlaw clerks
Supervisor titledepends on semester
Contact salutationMs
Contact first nameRose
Contact last namePantalone
Contact titleAssistant to Chief Justice
Contact phone973-276-9640

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