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Hon. John Tassini
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John R. Tassini, a graduate of Georgetown University and the Rutgers Law School – Camden, is a judge of the Superior Court, sitting in Monmouth County. He previously served as the administrative law assignment judge in New Jersey’s Office of Administrative Law, Trenton, where he concentrated on environmental and education cases.

Judge Tassini's more significant decisions as an administrative law judge (ALJ) include the following: The “Tiger Lady” case: Byron-Marasek v. Department of Envtl. Protection, EFG 4386-99, Initial Decision (April 26, 2000), adopted, Comm’r (June 8, 2000), aff’d, No. A-6065-99T3 (App. Div. June 28, 2001), involved an application for a permit for the continued keeping of tigers. Exxon Company U.S.A. v. Department of Envtl. Protection, ESF 6573-00, Decision (April 30, 2002), involved Exxon’s demand for approximately $1,000,000 in attorney’s fees and costs incurred in participating in a Spill Fund arbitration. IMO Eric Daiter, M.D., BDS 2548-00, Initial Decision (December 10, 2003), adopted as modified, Bd. of Medical Examiners (September 29, 2004), involved reproductive medicine surgical procedures and the death of a patient. Aqua New Jersey v. Department of Envtl. Protection, EWR 604-02, Initial Decision (July 25, 2006), adopted, Comm’r (September 8, 2006), involved Aqua’s claim that its permit should allow diversion of a greater amount of water from the Potomac-Raritan-Magothy aquifer than the amount DEP accepted as a safe and dependable yield.

Judge Tassini has served as a panelist and speaker for programs offered by the New Jersey State Bar Association, the New Jersey Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) and the Rutgers Law School. His written materials have appeared in ICLE’s Annual Review[s] of New Jersey Environmental Law (1992-2009), 2006 Administrative Law Forum, Civil Enforcement of New Jersey’s Air Pollution Laws (1994), What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Environmental Law (1995) and The New Jersey Law Journal (1999). He is an adjunct professor at the Rutgers Law School - Camden.

Prior to Judge Tassini’s appointment as an ALJ, he was a Monmouth County Assistant Prosecutor, a New Jersey Deputy Attorney General (DAG), and a certified civil trial attorney in private practice. While a DAG, he litigated complex environmental protection cases, including the initial stages of the Gloucester Environmental Management Services (GEMS) landfill case, charging violation of a range of environmental protection statutes and liability of the GEMS corporation and corporate principals individually for pollution of the environment. The GEMS litigation was the subject of the ICLE seminar: Environmental Litigation: From Complaint Through Verdict (1993).

As president of the National Audubon Society’s Jersey Shore chapter (prior to his appointment as a judge) he initiated the campaign that resulted in preservation of the “Fisherman’s Cove” tract on the Manasquan River, among other efforts to protect the environment. He is a past trustee of the Manasquan River Yacht Club.

(Résumé, 3/17/09)