Prerequisites: (1) Open to students in their second year or the equivalent and thereafter; (2) Each student must have taken or be concurrently enrolled in Professional Responsibility. Note that some judicial placements require students to commit to also staying and enrolling in Judicial Externship II.

During Fall and Spring terms, students will complete 120 hours (2 credits) or 180 hours (3 credits) of work over the course of the semester in the chambers of a federal or state judge, attend classes (which count toward your hours), confer with the supervising faculty member regarding progress and learning goals, and complete other assignments. Placements will be made by the faculty member from among approved chambers, pursuant to an application process, or may be proposed by a student and approved by the professor.  NOTE:  You may apply a maximum of five externship credits toward graduation.  (You can take more than five credits, but only five will count toward graduation.)  Please check the Academic Rules and make sure you understand the Law School's non-course credit requirements.  All externships are "non-course credit."

Prospective summer students should contact Prof. Gotthelf during the preceding school year about the summer term.