Rutgers Law School welcomes and appreciates the relationship with judicial chambers in our region in which our students gain invaluable experience through supervised work.  The links on this page will inform current and prospective placement locations about our program.

Summary of Responsibilities - This link explains what your office is expected to do, as well as what you can expect from the law school and the student, when a student is working in your office or chambers.                                     

Educational Goals- Read this link to understand general educational goals, and example of individual goals.  Your student will be asked to set personal goals for professional development, which will be reviewed with you, so that you can mentor that development.

Student Practice Rules- Links to a summary and text of rules for federal and state courts in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, including instructions for students and placements about compliance with the rules.

How To Request Judicial Interns- This link explains the process for requesting a student, and setting standards for qualifications of students.

Request to Participate- Information on this form will be used to post information about your placement opportunity for prospective students. See “how you request student externs” above for more information, first.  

Final Evaluation Form- Please complete this form for each student at the end of the term, discuss with the student, and send to the supervising faculty member.