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Externship Course Description - This link connects you to the approved course description and shows how many externship credits may be earned.

Externship Application Process - Check this page carefully when you are applying for an externship for the coming term.  Note:  We will begin making placements for the Spring semester on November 4, 2020.

Externship Placements - The Application will ask you to identify your first, second, and third choices (by court), or to identify a specific judge with whom you would like to extern. We do our best to place students where they want to be, but this depends on the number of applicants we have in a given semester, and the requirements of the placement.  Don't know where you should apply? Email Prof. Gotthelf to set up a time to talk.

Externship Educational Goals - You will be asked to identify personal learning goals for your experience. This document will explain general educational goals and suggest individual goals that many students have considered important.

Externship Student Practice Rules - Links to a summary and text of rules for federal and state courts in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, including instructions for students and placements about compliance with the rules.