Because adjusting to the demands of law school can be very challenging, the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) prohibits law school career services offices from providing career counseling to One Ls prior to October 15.  In addition, NALP also prohibits One Ls from contacting employers with respect to summer employment  prior to December 1.  In October, the Center for Career Development will hold a number of mandatory One L Career Planning Workshops.  After students have attended a mandatory workshop, they may meet individually with a career counselor to discuss goals and strategies specific to the student's individual job search.
  • Reciprocity

Looking for a job in another geographic area? The Center for Career Development can make a request on your behalf to obtain access to the career services office of another law school in other parts of the country. Many law schools post information about their respective reciprocity policy on their website. Please check potential schools’ sites when making a decision as to which law school you wish to utilize.  After you have selected a school, please contact the appropriate person at your location to submit a request for you: 

Marie Peeke at (Camden Location)

Wendi Taylor at (Newark Location)