The Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) in Camden provides financial assistance to help defray law school debt obligations for Rutgers Law School graduates who have chosen to pursue public interest and public service careers.

Awards are made in the form of  a loan and as such are not considred as taxable income to the recipient. The LRAP loan indebtedness is forgiven upon fullfillment of qualifying public interest employment, usually without adverse federal income tax consequences to the recipient as provided in applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue code.  Students are encouraged to speak to their accountant for individual advice.

All graduates from the Class of 2004 and all succeeding classes are eligible to apply if the following criteria are met:

  • submit an LRAP application and all required documents 
  • the graduate is employed in a law-related public interest position
  • the graduate has an income below the salary cap set annually by the LRAP Advisory Committee
  • the graduate's loans are in good standing


Please review the program details below.  If you have any questions, contact Cassandra Hunter at


Program Details and Resources
  • History
  • What is a Public Interest Position?
  • Salary Cap
  • Refundable Student Fee
  • Assistance
  • Contact Info

In 2003, Rutgers law students voted overwhelmingly in favor of establishing a Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) to provide financial assistance to help defray law school debt obligations for law school graduates choosing a long-term committment to  lower paid public interest and public service employment.

We define public interest work broadly. All graduates employed in full-time positions with legal services and other non-profit legal services organizations, and with local, county, state or federal governmental entities are eligible to apply to our LRAP.  A judicial clerkship is not qualifying employment.  However, if after the completion of the clerkship, the graduate accepts employment in the public interest sector, the graduate is encouraged to apply for our LRAP.

2022 Salary Cap

Single income household: $75,000

Joint filers: $150,000

A refundable student fee charged on each term bill will fund the LRAP. This fee is $25/semester for full-time students, $18.75/semester for part-time students. Other university funds have already been committed, and further funding is being sought.

Applicants who are approved for funding will receive a proportional share of the funds available in each awarding cycle. The LRAP program intends to contribute between 15-25% of  approved applicants' annual debt payments. Recipients must sign a Promissory Note in the amount of the LRAP loan award and must apply the forgiveable loan proceeds toward the repayment of law school educational debt.  Recipeints must promptly advise the LRAP administrator of any change in employment and/or financial status.

Cassandra Hunter
Senior Financial Aid Administrator
Rutgers Law School
217 N. Fifth Street, E313
Camden, NJ  08102