April 17, 2019
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Twenty-nine alumni of Rutgers Law School were named the best lawyers in their practice areas by New Jersey Family Magazine. Graduates of both locations were described as professionals who are compassionate, knowledgeable, exceptional, and attentive by the families who recommend them. From special needs to family law, the lawyers on this list have proven to be invaluable advocates. 

A full list of the honorees who are Rutgers Law alumni can be found below:

George M. Pangis RLAW'01

Brad M. Kaplan RLAW'97
George M. Pangis RLAW'01
Larry A. Lavender, Jr. RLAW'02

Commercial Litigation
Kelly M. Stoll RLAW'11

Criminal Defense
Judith G. Amorski RLAW'03
Lauren E. Scardella RLAW'08
Frederick P. Sisto RLAW'07
Edward P. Vidal RLAW'94

Estate Planning
Judith G. Amorski RLAW'03
Gary R. Botwinick RLAW'92
Stuart M. Gladstone RLAW'71
Brad M. Kaplan RLAW'97
Larry A. Lavender Jr. RLAW'02

Family Law
Robert J. Adinolfi RLAW'77 
Judith G. Amorski RLAW'03
Sylvia L. Breitowich RLAW'08
Lori Cieckiewicz RLAW'97
Amy Sara Cores RLAW'03
Nicholas De Metro RLAW'10
Kimberly Greenfield RLAW'2014
Thomas J. Jenkins RLAW'84
Jeffrey Alan Kerstetter RLAW' 09
Kristin M. Lis RLAW'09
Laurie J. Madziar RLAW'03
Amilcar J. Perez RLAW'02
Marianna C. Pontoriero RLAW'1998
Steven M. Resnick RLAW'1997
Amanda M. Ribustello RLAW'2013
Kathleen P. Stockton RLAW'1997

General Practice
Matheu D. Nunn RLAW'07

Personal Injury
Harold J. Gerr RLAW'75
Scott C. McKinley RLAW'97
Kelly M. Stoll RLAW'11
Stephen M. Zullo RLAW'96

Real Estate
Brad M. Kaplan RLAW'97
George M. Pangis RLAW' 01
Mallary Steinfeld RLAW'84
Edward P. Vidal RLAW'14

Gary R. Botwinick RLAW'92
Brad M. Kaplan RLAW'97

Rutgers Law Media Contacts:
Mike Sepanic (Camden); Elizabeth Moore (Newark)

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