September 30, 2018

79 alumni of Rutgers Law School were named "2018 Top Attorneys" by SJ magazine. Graduates of both locations were honored for their wealth of knowledge and incredible ambition in the legal field. These leading legal professionals have "made it to the top of their field, where they’ve proven that they’re committed to upholding – and fighting for – the letter of the law," according to SJ.

A full list of the honorees who are Rutgers Law alumni can be found below:

Christopher L. Baxter RLAW'89
Mark E. Belland RLAW'84
Deena L. Betze RLAW'90
Rebecca D. Boudwin RLAW'08
Cathy Lee Brackin RLAW'84
Charles C. Bratton RLAW'01
Brian P. Budic RLAW'13
Andrew M. Butchko RLAW'91
John M. Cantalupo RLAW'98
Louis Cappelli Jr. RLAW'87
William J. Caruso RLAW'05
Barbara A. Casey RLAW'85
Shereen C. Chen RLAW'96
Vincent T. Cieslik RLAW'97
Allison R. Cohen RLAW'15
James Matthew Conley RLAW'74
Richard P. Console RLAW'92
Primitivo Cruz RLAW'12
Derek A. Decosmo RLAW'05
Chintan A. Desai RLAW'14
Colin J. Devlin RLAW'13
Erica Domingo RLAW'09
Thomas H. Ehrhardt RLAW'94
Timothy S. Farrow RLAW'99
Robert J. Fogg RLAW'92
Adam E. Gersh RLAW'04
Emily K. Givens CCAS'90, RLAW'93
Janet L. Gold RLAW'83
Nancy D. Gold RLAW'76
Kelly Grant RLAW'10
Adam D. Greenberg RLAW'94
Robert G. Harbeson RLAW'71
Thomas J. Hastie Jr. RLAW'95
Yaron Helmer RLAW'78
Brian E. Jacobs RLAW'96
Mati Jarve RLAW'83
Adrienne F. Jarvis RLAW'87
Paul C. Jensen Jr. RLAW'11
Karen Rose Karpousis RLAW'91
Jenny R. Kasen RLAW'10
Ellen Butler Kearns RLAW'78
Edward J. Kelleher RLAW'97
Jeffrey A. Kerstetter RLAW'09
Adam M. Kotlar SBC'92, RLAW'95
Lauren M. Law RLAW'14
Evan M. Levow RLAW'91
Ellen M. McDowell RLAW'88
Ellis I. Medoway GSED'76, RLAW'82
Howard S. Mendelson RLAW'86
Thomas A. Muccifori RC'83, RLAW'86
Brian M. Nelson RLAW'02
Robert M. Perry RLAW'03
Raymond Rapposelli RLAW'87
Charles A. Rizzi Jr. RLAW'73
Mary Ellen Rose RLAW'86
Debra S. Rosen RLAW'86
Daniel M. Rosenberg RLAW'03
Timothy P. Search RLAW'93
John Edward Shields RLAW'85
Ahmed M. Soliman RLAW'10
Neal A. Thakkar RLAW'04
William H. Tobolsky RLAW'79, RBSG'79
Jonathan Triantos RLAW'16
Michael V. Troso RLAW'04
Catherine M. Ward RLAW'88
Daniel I. Ward RLAW'86
David A. Weinstein RLAW'00
Julie D. Williamson RLAW'91
William D. Wright RLAW'08
Christopher S. Young RLAW'90
Stephanie J. Zane RLAW'00
Ian G. Zolty RLAW'05
John C. Connell RLAW'86
Richard Grungo Jr. RLAW'98
William J. Kearns Jr. RLAW'65
Jack J. Lipari RLAW'82
Mark J. Sever Jr. RLAW'94
Annmarie Gallione-Jensen RLAW'96

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