July 10, 2017
Justin Oh '18 is doing intellectual property and contract work for AMC Networks this summer.

1. What is your summer job and what are you doing there?

I am a summer legal intern with AMC Networks’ legal department. AMC Networks is owned by Rainbow Media Holdings, which also owns the following networks: BBC America, IFC, Sundance TV, and WE TV. My experience has been incredible and unique because the extremely bright, talented, and generous attorneys - who are always willing to help and educate me on a variety of complex intellectual property-related topics and issues - each work for two or three out of the five networks. Therefore, I often review, revise, draft, and edit contracts & research IP issues regarding trademarks, copyrights/licensing, and actors’ rights of publicity and privacy, for shows across the networks. Many of the agreements I work on are for creative and neat promotional partnerships between hit shows like The Walking Dead and major brands that are consumer favorites.

2. How did you get this summer internship?

My brother Alex went to school up in Cape Cod where he became friends and floor mates with the son of the CEO of AMC, Josh Sapan. During my 1L second semester, Mr. Sapan was kind enough to put me in contact with HR and the in-house counsel, and I was able to land an interview for a summer legal internship. Guess what? I didn’t get the position the first time around, and while it stung, I remained optimistic and confident in myself and my abilities. This time around, I made sure to sharpen up my interview skills and go the extra mile in preparing, which paid off, because I felt a lot more confident coming out of my interviews and ultimately landed the position. I had 3-4 incredible internship opportunities, and my advisor, Frannie DeSimone, helped me weigh and assess the pros and cons as I narrowed down my prospects.

3.What activities are you involved in at law school?

I am currently involved in the Asian Pacific American Law Student Association, and am planning on joining other organizations related to Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law this fall. I spend the majority of my time working when I’m not in class, and therefore, I’m focused on becoming more active in my third and final year.

4.Where are you from, where did you go to undergraduate school, why did you pick Rutgers Law?

I am from Englewood Cliffs, NJ. I attended Syracuse University for my undergraduate studies and studied marketing, and entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises. I chose Rutgers Law for multiple reasons: I received an extremely generous and humbling scholarship award and Rutgers has an incredible reputation, with an extensive alumni network. I also plan to practice in the North Jersey/New York City region.

5.How will this summer’s opportunities help you in your future legal career?

This summer’s experience will help bring my dreams to fruition in various ways. The entertainment industry is an extremely difficult one to tap into, but having “AMC Networks” on my resume will definitely help land some future interview opportunities. My legal research and writing skills have improved tremendously, and those two skills are essential to a successful career. Given that my 1L summer experience was litigation based, at a criminal defense firm, adding this transactional experience will allow me to have experienced the best of both worlds, and decide which path I want to ultimately pursue.

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Mike Sepanic (Camden); Elizabeth Moore (Newark)

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