July 6, 2017
Whitney Dumeng '20 is spending the summer at a law firm that specializes in business, insurance, and employment law.

1)What is your summer job and what are you doing there?

I am a summer associate at Kaufman Dolowich Voluck (“KDV”) in their New Jersey office. KDV is a premier litigation firm dedicated to serving the legal needs of the business and insurance communities. I work on matters defending their clients in the areas of labor & employment and general liability. The employment cases have involved the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination and the Conscientious Employee Protection Act. The general liability cases involved product liability, maritime law the Magnuson- Moss Warranty Act, which is federal legislation. For the cases, I conduct extensive research of case law, and write litigation documents including litigation reports and summaries of the pleadings. What I appreciate most is that I am working on cases in New Jersey and New York, on the federal and state level. 

 2) How did Rutgers Law School help you get this summer internship?

First I was selected for a Minority Student Program (MSP) summer internship, through a competitive process based on grades and a panel interview. Then I was selected for the internship by Anna Maria Tejada, KDV Partner and Director of NJ Labor & Employment Group. Mrs. Tejada is also a graduate of Rutgers Law and a member of MSP.  This is an excellent opportunity to propel my career, because I am getting experience in a law firm in the first year’s summer, which is not typical. I plan to work in a law firm for my second summer, and I will be able to leverage this experience.

3) What activities are you involved in at law school?

I was involved with the Association of Black Law Students (ABLS) and MSP.  I am the incoming ABLS President, and I was a First Year Representative. Next year, I will be an Associate Editor for the Women’s Rights Law Reporter.

For MSP I had a two-week orientation before school started, attended a study group throughout the fall semester, and attended panels throughout the school year.  Next year, I will continue to participate in MSP.

4) Where are you from, where did you go to undergraduate school, why did you pick Rutgers Law?

I’m from Miami, Florida where I attended Florida International University and was a criminal justice major and public administration minor.  After graduation, I moved to New York for five years. When I decided to go to law school I wanted to stay in the New York City area. During the admissions process, Rutgers was very, and welcoming on the admitted student’s day. I actually attended the Admitted Students day in Camden, because it was held on a Saturday and transportation was provided by the school. I met Dean Chen on the shuttle, and when we returned to Newark, he gave me a personal tour of the law school. With the proximity to New York, the quality of education, and MSP, I believed Rutgers Law was the best place for me.

5) How will this summer's experience help you in your future legal career?

This experience is an opportunity for professional development and is enhancing my communication skills because I am discussing cases with partners, attending court proceedings, and client meetings. Further, I am being exposed to litigation which can be helpful for a clerkship or position in another litigation firm. This is also useful experience for my next summer opportunity, because I plan to work in a law firm. 

Rutgers Law Media Contacts:
Mike Sepanic (Camden); Elizabeth Moore (Newark)

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