Summer Session 2005 -- Registration Procedures for Rutgers Students

1.    You are encouraged to use the website to register for Summer Session 2005 courses, but you are strongly advised to read all of the information in this and the following sections before proceeding with registration. (IMPORTANT: In summer session, the procedures on billing and refunds are drastically different from the academic year. You are strongly urged to read the sections below entitled "Payment of Tuition and Fees" and "Changes of Program, Withdrawals, and Refunds.") When you are prepared to register, select the Register for Courses link below and follow the screen instructions.

2.     The deadline for adding Summer Session courses via the website or RTTRS systems is Friday, April 22, 2005. If you wish to add courses after this date, you must contact Associate Dean John Podolski for assistance (Room 600D; ext. 6252; fax: 856-225-6487; or The deadline for registering and paying the tuition bill without a $50 late fee is Friday, May 20, 2005. The last possible day for registration and bill payment with a $50 late fee is Thursday, May 26, 2005.

    You may use the website to drop courses with a 100% refund of tuition through Friday, May 27, 2005. After Summer Session commences on Tuesday, May 31, you will receive only a 50% refund of tuition for any course you drop. The last day to drop courses with a 50% refund of tuition is Monday, June 6. For any course dropped thereafter, you will receive no tuition refund.

3.    In Summer Session 2005, the courses Advanced Brief Writing, Civil Practice Clinic, Negotiation, Persuasion in Legal Writing, Seminar on Abortion Law, Summer Externship, and Trial Advocacy have limited enrollments. Students will be able to register for these courses through Friday, May 6, 2005. During this period, there will be no caps on enrollment. Please remember, however, that the act of registration does not guarantee you a seat in a limited-enrollment course. Instead, during the week of May 9 we will post on the website seat assignments for any limited-enrollment course in which demand exceeded the cap. Spaces will be filled according to a procedure which gives highest priority to senior students. Where appropriate, waiting lists will be established and students will be required to attend the first class meeting of the limited-enrollment course to learn if they are eligible to advance to any vacancies which may occur.

     IMPORTANT NOTE: Students who do not receive a guaranteed seat are strongly urged to drop the limited-enrollment course via the website absolutely no later than Friday, May 27. If you are subsequently given approval by the instructor to take a guaranteed seat, the course can be added back to your schedule. If you fail to drop the course by May 27 and do not receive a guaranteed seat, you will lose 50% of the tuition for the course.

4.    Rutgers School of Law-Camden academic regulations require that students working more than 15 hours per week take no more than 5 credit hours in summer session. Accordingly, if you register for more than 5 credit hours, you must complete the online Employment Affidavit to certify that you will not be employed more than 15 hours per week during the period May 31, 2005 through July 19, 2005. After closing this page, click on the Employment Affidavit link and follow the instructions. The deadline for completing the online form is Thursday, May 26, 2005.

5.    After using the website to select Summer Session 2005 courses, Rutgers University will mail a bill for tuition and fee charges to your home address as listed on the University's Student Records Database. All students must return the summer term bill with payment by the deadline printed on the bill.