Summer Session 2005 -- Payment of Tuition and Fees

By registering for one or more courses in the Rutgers School of Law-Camden Summer Session, you automatically become fully liable for payment of all tuition and fees. The University will confirm your act of registration by mailing a tuition bill either to the address indicated on your application form or, for Rutgers students, to your address as listed on the University's Student Records Database. You must submit payment by the deadline printed on the tuition bill. The University is not responsible for the non-delivery of billing notices.

VERY IMPORTANT: In Summer Session, a registered student is fully liable for tuition charges, unless the student withdraws from the course or courses in accordance with the procedures and deadlines established in the section entitled, "Change of Program, Withdrawals, and Refunds." Failure to submit the tuition payment does not constitute a withdrawal. Students will continue to be billed for courses for which they initially registered and from which they did not subsequently withdraw.

All students, including those receiving grant and scholarship assistance, must submit the Summer Session tuition payment in accordance with instructions set forth in the term bill mailing from the University. Students may pay the term bill in person if they so desire; it is preferred, however, that you do so by mail. Checks or money orders submitted in payment of tuition and fees must be made payable to: Rutgers, The State University. Any bill paid after Friday, May 20, 2005 must include a $50 late payment fee. Postmark dates cannot be considered as payment dates and the date upon which the University receives the bill payment is the effective date of payment.

A fee of $25 is charged for any check which is not honored for payment by the bank. Checks not honored by the bank will incur both the $50 late fee and the $25 return check fee. Stopping payment on a check does not constitute withdrawal from Summer Session. Also, partial payments are not permitted in Summer Session.

For non-Rutgers students, a receipted term bill is identification and should be carried and presented upon request in order to verify that the student is enrolled in the summer session. (Rutgers students are expected to carry the required Photo-ID card.) The term bill receipt will be mailed to non- Rutgers students who include a self-addressed stamped envelope with the term bill payment. Those students who have mailed payment and wish to pick up their receipt in person may do so at the Bursar's Office, 327 Cooper Street, Camden, New Jersey, during regular business hours, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays.

Non-Rutgers students should not include payment of tuition and fees with the application form. All students will be billed directly by the University.