Academic Rules and Regulations

1.     Course Load. No minimum course load is required. The maximum course load is eight (8) credits. Students employed more than fifteen (15) hours per week during a summer term may take no more than five (5) credit hours. If you do register for more than five (5) credit hours, you must not later than Thursday, May 27, 2005, complete the online Employment Affidavit. Students visiting from other law schools must print out from the Summer Session website the Employment Affidavit and return it to Associate Dean Podolski.

2.     W riting Credit. (Rutgers Students Only) Writing credits earned in Summer Session do count toward the 9 writing credits needed for graduation. Students may take a maximum of 4 writing credits during the summer. Writing credits earned in the Summer Session are NOT included in the academic-year limit for writing credits; that is, if you take writing credits in the summer, you may still take 4 or 5 writing credits during the next academic year.

3.     Grades. The following grades are used in the Rutgers School of Law-Camden Summer Session: A+, A Outstanding; A-, B+, B Good; B-, C+, C Satisfactory; C-, D+, D Poor; F Failure.