Summer Session 2005 -- Application Procedure for Non-Rutgers Students

1.    Review the course and examination schedules to make selection decisions.

2.    Print out from the website the Summer Session 2005 Application Form. You must have the appropriate authorized official at your law school sign the application form where indicated and the official school seal must be affixed to the application. Please remember to supply your date of birth and your Social Security Number. Also, please indicate the address to which your Summer Session Term Bill should be mailed.

3.    Rutgers School of Law-Camden academic regulations require that students working more than 15 hours per week take no more than 5 credit hours in summer session. Accordingly, if you are registering for more than 5 credit hours, you must print out, complete, and return the Employment Affidavit to certify that you will not be employed more than 15 hours per week during the period May 31 through July 19, 2005.

4.    Mail the completed application form and, if applicable, the Employment Affidavit as soon as possible to the following address: John S. Podolski, Associate Dean, Rutgers School of Law-Camden, 217 North Fifth Street, Camden, NJ 08102-1203. The mail-in registration deadline is Friday, May 6, 2005. Courses may still be added on an in-person basis until Thursday, May 26, 2005, but you are encouraged to register early if you wish to apply for a limited-enrollment course and you wish to avoid the $50 late processing fee (applicable for all registrations after May 20, 2005). Note: Rutgers-Camden students receive priority for seats in limited-enrollment courses.

5.    When your application is complete, your courses will be administratively entered into the registration system, and the University will mail a bill for the tuition and fee charges to the address specified on your application form. By registering for one or more courses in the Rutgers School of Law-Camden Summer Session, you automatically become fully liable for payment of all tuition and fees. The University will confirm your act of registration by mailing a tuition bill either to the address indicated on your application form or, for Rutgers students, to your address as listed on the University's Student Records Database. You must submit payment by the deadline printed on the tuition bill. The University is not responsible for the non-delivery of billing notices.

    VERY IMPORTANT: In Summer Session, a registered student is fully liable for tuition charges, unless the student withdraws from the course or courses in accordance with the procedures and deadlines established in the section entitled "Change of Program, Withdrawals, and Refunds." Failure to submit the tuition payment does not constitute a withdrawal. Students will continue to be billed for courses for which they initially registered and from which they did not subsequently withdraw.