Law students can take summer classes in Camden or Newark and earn credits towards graduation.

Rutgers Law School offers a number of courses over the summer in both Camden and Newark, including the main summer session and a two intensive sessions, designed to allow students flexibility in planning their academic programs.  Enrolling in summer session provides students the opportunity to earn credit towards their graduation requirement of 84 credits, as well as required skills and writing credits. 

Summer courses are designed for upper level students who have completed the first year program.  Students attending other ABA accedited law schools who have completed their first year required courses are eligible to enroll in summer courses at either campus. 

A benefit of the summer program is that students who feel constrained by the maximum credit-load restrictions of the regular academic term have the chance to broaden their curricular experience. Courses are offered in both day and evening time slots to allow flexibility in attendance options.

 Please click on the links below to view the course offerings in Newark and Camden.  If you are a non-Rutgers law student, the forms you will need to complete to enroll in one of our summer courses are also below.

Summer Courses 2019 in Camden

Summer Courses 2019 in Newark

Information for non-Rutgers students who want to take classes in Camden

Registration form for non-Rutgers students who want to take classes in Camden

Registration form for  non-Rutgers students who want to take classes in Newark

Summer Registration information for Newark

Registration form for Upperclass students in Newark

Registration form for first-year students in Newark 




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