Students from any law school can take summer classes through Rutgers Law School and earn credits towards graduation.

Rutgers Law School offers a number of courses over the summer in both Camden and Newark, including two main summer sessions and two intensive sessions, designed to allow students flexibility in planning their academic programs.  Enrolling in summer session provides students the opportunity to earn credit towards their graduation requirement of 84 credits, as well as required skills and writing credits. 

Who can take Summer Session Courses?

  • Rutgers Law day and evening program students (limited to upper division students) 
  • Visiting JD students currently enrolled at another ABA-approved law school (limited to upper division students)
  • Rutgers graduate students 
  • Visiting graduate students 
  • Rutgers and visiting undergraduate students (usually with permission of the instructor)
  • Working professionals who have successfully completed a JD can enroll as visiting students
  • Other members of the community can enroll as visiting students (with permission of the instructor) 

Courses offered by the Law School are graduate level courses unless specifically listed otherwise in the course description.  However, undergraduate students may enroll in courses listed in the description as open to undergraduates, or with the instructor’s express permission. Credits transfer at the discretion of the receiving school, so check with your institution if they will accept transfer credits from Rutgers Law School.  Class registration is subject to approval and capacity limits.

If you are a visiting JD or non-JD student, the registration forms you will need to complete to enroll in one of our summer courses are available below.

For the Summer 2021 session, all courses will be online, with some courses taught live and others taught asynchronously. 

Law School Courses Open Broadly to Visiting Students 

May 17-23 Session (1 Week)
May 25-July 15 Session (8 Weeks)
June 1-July 7 Session (6 Weeks)
Aug. 2-8 Session (1 Week)
Human Rights: Risks, Challenges, and Opportunities (2 Credits)
M-F 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. (EST)
Introduction to American Law (Taught in Korean) (3 Credits)
T/TH 8 a.m. to 10:10 a.m. (EST)
Artificial Intelligence and Social Justice (2 Credits)
T/TH 10 a.m. to 12 Noon (EST) 
Understanding Statistics and Data: Empirics for Law & Policy (2 Credits)
M-F 6 p.m. - 7:10 p.m. (EST) with asynchronous work.
Pandemics and Financial Distress (2 Credits)
M-F 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. (EST)
Sneaker Law (2 Credits)
T/TH 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (EST)
Information Privacy Policy and Law (3 Credits)
T/TH 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (EST)


There is still time to sign up for our Online Summer Institute: Introduction to Big Data & Policy - the deadline for sign ups has been extended to March 24.

Online Summer Institute: Introduction to Big Data & Policy

On-line Summer Institute: Introduction to Big Data & Policy
June 1-July7 (with August 2-8 add-on)


Big data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence are the emergent fundamental structuring conditions of our time.  Because these developments affect every domain of social and economic endeavor, all communities share a stake in shaping the norms and governing paradigms in this area.  Attention to this field should not remain merely technocratic without regard to law, policy and ethics. 

Rutgers Law is offering a new interdisciplinary introduction to this field for any working or aspiring professional whose work will be affected by this seismic shift.  This summer, join our inaugural Summer Institute, Introduction to Big Data & Policy, offered June 1 to July 7.  For those who have not taken an introductory statistics course, a one-week addition is available from August 2-8.  The courses will be completely online, and Institute enrollees will participate in activities outside of class, orientation, on-line conversations with special guests, and connections with other participants and faculty involved in topically-related programs at Rutgers. 


Any Rutgers student or visiting non-matriculated summer student who enrolls in the three required courses will be considered to have enrolled in the Rutgers Law School 2021 On-line Summer Institute “Introduction to Big Data & Policy.”  The courses last from June 1-July 8 with an extra week-long course that can be completed by the student in the first week of August (or waived in circumstances listed below).  See Summer Course Catalog for course descriptions.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Social Justice 2 CR (43:600:115:01) (June 1-July 8)
  2. Information Privacy Policy and Law 3 CR (43:600:116:01) (June 1-July 8)
  3. Understanding Statistics and Data: Empirics for Law & Policy 2 CR  (24:601:521:91) (Cross-listed with School 44) (August 2- 8)


Students who have already taken statistics or introductory data science class can send a transcript to:

 to petition for waiver of this third August 2-8 course requirement.

Additionally, the following courses, if taken prior to or concurrently with the Summer Institute, will automatically qualify students for the 2-credit waiver:

  • Chi-Ken Lu’s, 21:219:329 Statistics and Machine Learning,
  • Adam Olukicz-Kozaryn’s, 56:834:608:01; 50:975:487:40; 56:202:10; and 56:824:725, GIS for public sector (and sociology/criminology) / urban mapping
  • Any two of the following Rutgers Business School Build-Your-Own-Course modules
    • Information Risk Management
    • Intro to Process Mining
    • Basics of Cybersecurity

The Summer Institute will also include a capstone writing project that is to be completed as part of the Artificial Intelligence and Social Justice class.

The general attendance requirements of the Law School, specified in Rule 25, will apply.


Any summer course requires the completion of a basic registration form for any non-Rutgers students.  There is no extra application process for participation in the institute.  Students need only enroll in all three classes (or two classes and petition for waiver of the third).  However, note that each course may individually require specific permission of the instructor for certain audiences of students. 

  • Undergraduates.  Apart from the requirement of completing the basic registration form, undergraduates, even Rutgers undergraduates will also need permission of the instructor for each of the three courses,
  • Practicing professionals and other in the community who are no longer affiliated as students at some institution of higher education.  These enrollees are welcome to enroll in each course by completing the basic registration form but will need permission of the professor in addition to enroll in Information Privacy.
  • Graduate students.  The basic registration form will be required of non-Rutgers graduate students seeking to enroll any of the three required courses.


The Law School’s per credit tuition rate is $1076 per credit in-state, and $1630 per credit for out-of-state residents.  The three required courses total 7 credits (5 credits if the August 2-8 add-on is waived).

A detailed course catalogue for the summer session for visiting students can be found in the tabs below. 

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