Please complete all three parts of the form and return to Prof. Gotthelf by DECEMBER 1 during the FALL term or by APRIL 16 during the SPRING term. For any questions, please contact Prof. Gotthelf.

Part I. Student Work Performance and Professionalism

For questions one through three, please give the student a number grade, using the following scale. Additional comments are welcome.
4 = Excellent, as good as I would expect from any law student.
3 = Good, compared to other law students, but not the highest level of performance
2 = Satisfactory work by a law student
1 = Unsatisfactory

How do you rate the quality of work done by the student? Please include written work, as well as interviews, client contact or other significant work.
Did the student arrive at work on time, on the days agreed to, and complete assignments on time?
Did the student demonstrate what you consider to be an appropriate attitude in relating to you, other attorneys and staff in your office, other agency personnel, witnesses, court personnel?

The following questions do not require a number grade.

Note about Part II: With regard to skills, please note that it is our intention that every externship student perform work that would qualify under these standards, even if the student does not “need” the credit.

The student has had repeat opportunities for individual performance of one or more lawyering skills with individualized feedback from the instructor on one or more performances OR performed a series of lawyering skills as part of a sequential lawyering experience, with one or more such performances receiving individualized feedback from the instructor.
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