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Summer Session 2005

For those interested in attending the law school's upcoming summer session, all the necessary information is set forth below. You may register for summer courses directly on the website.

Students are strongly urged to read all the posted information about registration procedures, deadlines, limited-enrollment courses, the Add/Drop process once you are registered, and especially the information about eligibility for refunds if you decide to drop one or more courses after you initially register.

VERY IMPORTANT: In summer session, the procedures on billing and refunds are drastically different from the academic year. You can incur significant costs if you do not closely follow the procedures in the registration materials. See especially the sections entitled "Payment of Tuition and Fees" and "Changes of Program, Withdrawals, and Refunds."

Finally, please remember that all Rutgers students who register for 6 or more credits must complete the online Employment Affidavit by the first day of classes to certify compliance with the law school's rule that you not work more than 15 hours per week during summer session. Non-Rutgers students must print out, complete, and return the Employment Affidavit along with the Summer Session application.

Introductory Memo
Important Dates
Tuition Rates
Registration Procedures for Rutgers Students
Payment of Tuition and Fees
Change of Program, Withdrawals, and Refunds
Academic Rules and Regulations
Course and Examination Schedules
Limited Enrollment Course Info
Register for Courses
Online Employment Affidavit (for Current Rutgers Law Students Only)
Application Procedure for Non-Rutgers Students
Application for Non-Rutgers Students (Requires Acrobat Reader, see www.adobe.com for information and download)
Employment Affidavit (for Non-Rutgers Students)