Rutgers Law School Degree Offerings
J.D. Options

Rutgers Law School is dedicated to preparing students to excel in their legal careers. As part of this commitment, in addition to the standard J.D. program, we offer alternative J.D. programs, including programs that allow students to jumpstart their legal education early and a program for foreign lawyers to earn their J.D. at an accelerated pace. Please see below for more information on these specialized J.D. programs.

Rutgers Law School also offers programs for students who are interested in the law as well as another field. Interdisciplinary studies that familiarize law students with social science vocabularies and non-legalistic methods of problem solving are encouraged. Students may enroll in courses offered by other Rutgers graduate programs to pursue a dual-degree with any of several other academic disciplines within the university, or they can create their own dual degree programs with other educational institutions.

  • Foreign Lawyer Program
  • Certificate Programs
  • ​​​​​​​3-3 Program (Camden Campus)
  • Summer Jump Start Program (Camden Campus)
Foreign Lawyer Program

The Foreign Lawyer Program creates an opportunity for those who have earned a law degree abroad and practiced law outside the United States to receive up to 28 advance standing credits, earning a J.D. degree upon the completion of 56 credits within two academic years. 

In general, students in the program first take all first-year required courses. Students with suitable prior academic experience may obtain an exception, at the vice dean’s discretion. The remaining credits will be earned through elective courses depending on the student's interest. 

A successful participant in the Foreign Lawyer Program receives a J.D., which qualifies the student to sit for the bar exam in any American jurisdiction. Rutgers Law School does not currently offer a one year LL.M. degree.

Certificate Programs

At Rutgers Law, students can develop their special interests through certificate programs that capitalize on the law school's doctrinal strengths in business law, criminal law, and family law. These programs require a concentration of carefully curated upper-level courses, including skills-based classes, supervised research projects, and practical experience in the field. Read more about each certificate program.

​​​​​​​3-3 Program (Camden Campus)

A joint venture between Rutgers Law School and Rutgers Camden College of Arts and Sciences provides the opportunity for highly talented and qualified students to complete both a bachelor of arts and a juris doctor in six years rather than seven. Dual B.A./J.D. students complete all general education requirements and all requirements for a major in the College of Arts and Sciences in three years. If determined to be qualified, they then enter the law school. Their first-year required law courses complete the requirements for the bachelor of arts, which they receive at the end of their fourth year of study. Consult your undergraduate academic dean for more information.

Summer Jump Start Program (Camden Campus)

Admitted first-year law students have the opportunity to begin their legal education at a more moderated pace through the Jump Start summer class, held at our Camden location.

The program seats approximately 50 students on a first-come basis, with the possibility of an additional section. This is not a conditional-admit program; only admitted students may begin in the summer.

Jump Start students take one first-year required course over the summer, which means they have a reduced course load (10.5 credits) in the fall. In the spring semester, they increase to a full credit load of 14.5 credits.