Yvette Bravo-Weber

Assistant Dean for MSP and Externships

Emily Brennan

Director of Communications & Marketing

Victoria Chase

Clinical Associate Professor of Law and Chair for Clinical Programs

Jaydev Cholera

Director of Finance and Administration

Jon Dubin

Board of Governors Distinguished Public Service Professor of Law, Associate Dean

Wei Fang

Associate Dean for Information Technology and Head of Digital Services

Susan Feathers

Assistant Dean for Pro Bono and Public Interest

Jill Friedman

Associate Dean for Pro Bono and Public Interest

Linda Garbaccio

Assistant Dean for Academic Services

Tai Gedeon

Director of Financial Aid

John Joergensen

Senior Associate Dean for Information Services

David Lopez

Co-Dean, Professor of Law and Professor Alfred Slocum Scholar

J.C. Lore III

Clinical Professor and Director of Trial Advocacy

Valarie McDuffie

Senior Associate Dean for Business Services and Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth Moore

Director of Communications

Kimberly Mutcherson

Co-Dean and Professor of Law

Sarah K. Regina

Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Ed Rentezelas

Assistant Dean

Stephanie Richman

Assistant Dean for Career Development

Andrew Rossner

Associate Dean for Professional and Skills Education and Practice Prof. of Law

Nancy Rubert

Assistant Dean of Admissions

Tom Ryan

Director of Information Technology

Robert Steinbaum

Associate Dean for Advancement

Rick Swedloff

Vice Dean and Professor of Law

Louis Thompson

Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Robin Todd

Assistant Dean for Development

Rebekah Verona

Assistant Dean

Anita Walton

Assistant Dean for Admissions

Reid Weisbord

Vice Dean, Professor of Law, and Judge Norma L. Shapiro Scholar