Law school students


Welcome to Rutgers Law School, the academic home of more than 100 legal scholars and clinicians, nearly 20,000 prominent alumni from across the nation and across the profession, and over 1,000 passionate law students representing a rich spectrum of perspectives, all eager to learn the law.

One of the nation's oldest research universities and a proud member of the Big Ten, Rutgers resides at the forefront of innovation in legal education. The Rutgers Law classroom is exceptionally engaging because of our signature Minority Student Program that cultivates diversity in every sense of the word. In law school, you'll learn not only from the faculty, but also from your fellow students, who will bring their experiences to bear in the classroom just as you will bring yours.

Building on more than 100 years of providing an exceptional legal education to our students, Rutgers Law School is changing the way that the nation’s students are educated in the modern practice of law. Cutting-edge immersive technology connects—through a real-time experience—Rutgers Law School's two locations in Newark and Camden and innovates classroom learning, while making Rutgers’ legal curriculum one of the nation’s most comprehensive.

Rutgers Law School is:

  • The largest public law school in the Northeast
  • Responding with success to the new market demands of the law, as evidenced by our most recent employment profile
  • Connecting law students with communities in need through intensive clinic and pro bono opportunities
  • Offering highly qualified students the option to launch professionally into two of the nation’s most vibrant legal markets: the New York City and Philadelphia metropolitan areas

While Rutgers’ resources are robust, our law school is rooted in community and accessibility. This welcoming culture is especially felt by new law students, who can choose to acclimate to legal life before the semester officially begins during our effective Summer Jump Start Program. Our additional specialized offerings showcase the opportunities available to you and demonstrate why Rutgers Law School is on the forefront of legal education.