Welcome to Rutgers Law

Two schools, each with distinctive strengths, have come together to create one law school with extraordinary opportunities for learning experiences and career growth.

Rutgers Law School—with locations in Camden and Newark—offers a world-class faculty; a curriculum of exceptional breadth and depth in theory, practice, and interdisciplinary studies; a geographic presence that spans one of the nation's 10 largest legal markets (New Jersey) while also offering immediate access to two of the five largest markets (New York City and Philadelphia); an alumni network with over 20,000 members; and a strong tradition of diversity and social impact.

As the law school for a top public university, Rutgers Law School is committed to the highest standards of teaching, scholarship, and service to its host communities, the state of New Jersey, and the nation.

Contact the Admissions Office in Camden at 856-225-6102

Contact the Admissions Office in Newark at 973-353-5554

As New Jersey's public law school, Rutgers Law School is changing the way New Jersey's—and increasingly, the nation's—students are educated in the law and is positioned to better serve the communities it calls home.

Ronald K. Chen,, University Professor