Elizabeth Acevedo

Assistant Dean for Career Development

Lisa Alston

Sr. Administrative Assistant

Rebecca Baehr

Associate Director

Jeffrey Balog

Associate Director of Business Services

JoAnn Brea

Faculty Support

Patricia Brown

Administrative Assistant

Loretta Burr

Circulation and Government Documents Assistant

Virginia Caputo

Senior Department Administrator

Mayra Caraballo

User Support Services Specialist

Debbie Carr


Bernadette Carter

Unit Computing Manager

Shanida Carter

Director of Marketing and Communications

Lidia Catoe

Program Coordinator II

Roselene Correia

Business Manager

Gina Davila

Program Coordinator

Clifford Dawkins

Assistant Dean and Director of the Minority Student Program

Taylor De La Pena

Unit Administrator/Specialist

Christine Dougherty

Assistant Director

Rhasheda Douglas

Assistant Dean of the Minority Student Program

Grace Duffin

Library Assistant

Kiara Estevez


Wei Fang

Associate Dean for Information Technology and Head of Digital Services

Susan Feathers

Assistant Dean for Pro Bono and Public Interest

Diane Filippone

Administrative Assistant

Andrew Finn

Business Specialist

Jill Friedman

Associate Dean for Pro Bono and Public Interest

Roberta Geddis

Admissions Officer

Tai Gedeon

Senior Financial Aid Officer

Qadim Ghani

Sr. Associate Dean and CFO

Elaine Giordano

Senior Departmental Administrator

Arbana Gjoca

Bibliographic Access Manager

Stephanie Gomez

Associate Director - Center for Career Development

Katrina Hall

Library Associate

Jason Hernandez

Director, Rutgers Immigrant Community Assistance Project

Cassandra Hunter

Senior Financial Aid Officer

Yvena Hypolite

Day Circulation Supervisor

Wanda James

Faculty Support

Habibah Johnson

Program Coordinator

Melissa Jordan

Administrative Assistant - Languages

Jason S. Kanterman

Adjunct Professor

Arlene Lentini

Administrative Assistant

Cassandra Lester-Key

Evening Circulation Assistant

Alexandria Londres

Circulation Assistant

Cate Lysionek

Assistant Dean

Diane Martinez

Administrative Assistant - Languages

Pamela Mertsock-Wolfe

Director of the Pro Bono and Public Interest Program

Heather Mitchell

Head of Technical Services

Angel Moreno

Library Assistant

Josephine Nagle

Program Administrator, Rutgers Institute for Professional Education

Kelsey Nelson

Program Coordinator

Joanna Obaniyi

Library Assistant

Edgar Otieno

Unit Computing Specialist

Michelle Parker

Serials Associate

Lenore Pearson

Assistant Director Minority Student Program (MSP)

Marie Peeke


Kaiwan Perez

Administrative Assistant for Clinical Programs

Mildred Perez

Senior Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Sarah K. Regina

Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Ariel Reyes

Library Assistant

Nancy Rubert

Assistant Dean of Admissions

Matthew Saleh

Senior Associate Dean for Admissions

Katie Sferra

Program Coordinator

Carol Shaner

Program Coordinator

Christopher Slater

Library Assistant

Elspeth Slater

Library Assistant

Stan Sniecikowski

Evening Circulation Assistant

Robert Steinbaum

Associate Dean for Advancement

Donna Tagliaferro

Law Clinic Assistant

Martha Taylor

Library Assistant

Nyssa Taylor

Managing Staff Attorney New Jersey Innocence Project

Wendi Taylor

Manager, Recruitment

Louis Thompson

Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Amy Timko

Admissions Officer

Gwendolyn Tolbert

Manager, Recruitment

Marvin Velasco

Library Associate

Rebekah Verona

Assistant Dean

Ashley Vizcaino

Program Coordinator

Anita Walton

Assistant Dean for Admissions

Kelly Wenzel

Department Administrator

Claire White

Secretarial Assistant, Legal Research and Writing Dept.

Vanessa Williams

Assistant Dean of New Programs

Caroline Young

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor