Minority Student Program

A Law School That Reflects the World

The Minority Student Program (MSP) is a nationally-acclaimed and highly successful post-admissions program that serves students of any race or ethnicity who are members of groups that are underrepresented in the legal profession, and who have faced discrimination or overcome social and economic hardships. The program takes a proactive approach to help students to succeed in law school by offering legal skills development, academic support, alumni mentoring and networking, internships and other opportunities.

The MSP Program offers students:

If you are interested in participating in the MSP program at Rutgers Law School, you must indicate so on your Law School Application

 Participation in the program is determined after a student has been admitted. Each student who is admitted into MSP will be notified individually of their acceptance. All students admitted into Rutgers Law School, regardless of race or ethnic origin, are eligible to be considered for MSP.

What is MSP?
MSP Through the Eyes of Our Alumni

Law school was a life-changing experience. It meant everything to me. The supportive environment of the MSP gave me the confidence and the skills to make a difference. I am forever grateful to the MSP and to the faculty who created it.

 Zulima Farber '74, Partner, Lowenstein Sandler PC
Celebrating 50 years of MSP: Our History and Our Path Forward