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Rutgers Law School offers employers academically prepared students who can handle the demands of the legal environment and who:

  • are committed to developing outstanding research abilities;
  • can deliver excellent writing and lawyering skills;
  • know the value of working to reach their career goals.
Employer Resources
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  • Recruiting Policies
  • Grading Policy
Post a Job

The Center for Career Development serves legal employers throughout the region and the nation by offering placement services, free of charge. You set the criteria, give us a description, and we provide the information to students and alumni, who then contact you directly or through our office. Once registered, you will be able to login at your convenience and post, alter, and remove job listings for students and alumni. By using this system you can ensure that your job listings are posted on a timely basis and exactly in the way that you would like to see them posted. You have the power to post, modify, update, and delete listings at your convenience.  

Employers may post job listings free of charge, using Symplicity. If you do not have an account, you may register for one by clicking on the “Register” button at the employer login. 

To register or post a job in Newark, click here or email To register or post a job in Camden, click here or email Gwen Tolbert, Manager of Recruitment, at

On-Campus Recruiting

There are numerous benefits to on-campus recruiting. In a series of 20- or 30-minute interviews, you can see a substantial number of candidates. This short but concentrated period of time, devoted exclusively to the hiring process, is often more productive and effective than other methods of recruiting. The facilities of our office create an atmosphere where an attorney can give his or her complete attention to the important task of evaluating interviewees.

Alternatively, if your busy schedule does not allow you time away from your office, we will be more than happy to collect the résumés of interested students so that you may interview selected candidates directly at your firm at your convenience.

Employers may schedule on-campus interviews or résumés collections, free of charge, using Symplicity.  If you do not have an account, you may register for one by clicking on the “Register” button at the employer login. 

To register or setup an interview schedule/résumés collection in Newark, click here or in Camden, click here.

Timing of Offers and Decisions

Rutgers Law School is a member of the National Association of Law Placement (“NALP”). In December 2018, NALP eliminated its long-standing Principles & Standards, which provided law students, legal employers, and law schools with timing guidelines for recruitment activities. In light of this change, the law school is currently reviewing and formulating its recruiting policies. In the meantime, including during the Fall 2019 recruiting season, we request that employers continue to adhere to NALP’s former Principles and Standards with the following exception: Students receiving offers from offices with a summer class size of two or fewer summer associates should have at least 14 days from the date of the offer letter to decide on that offer. Employers falling into this category are encouraged to grant extensions to students requesting additional time to make an informed decision. Employers are asked to include the expiration date of their offer in the offer letter. The full text of the former Principles and Standards can be found here

Non-Discrimination Policy

Rutgers Law School is firmly committed to a policy against discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, genetic information, atypical hereditary cellular or blood trait, marital status, civil union status, domestic partnership status, military service, veteran status, and any other category protected by law. Accordingly, the school requires that employers using the services of the Center for Career Development comply with this policy, with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations and with applicable standards of the American Bar Association and the Association of American Law Schools. Employer use of this service indicates concurrence with this policy. Where employers believe that applicants in any one of these categories are unable to meet their bona fide qualifications for employment, the employer may continue to use the career development facilities of the university outside of the Law School if they inform that office in writing of their policy and the reasons. This information will be available to students. 

A copy of University Regulation 60.1.8 is available upon request. Please direct any questions to the Center for Career Development.

Pursuant to the Solomon Amendments an exception to this policy is granted to the United States military. Rutgers Law makes its Center for Career Development available to military recruiters because of the potential loss of federal funds that would otherwise be imposed on schools that have a policy or practice of denying access to military recruiters.

Job Listing Policy

The Center for Career Development at Rutgers Law School reserves the right at its sole discretion to screen and refuse to post positions. Job postings encouraging the unauthorized practice of law will not be accepted. Law students may perform legal work only under the supervision of an attorney licensed in the relevant jurisdiction.  A law student who undertakes legal representation without supervision of a licensed attorney may be subject to criminal or civil penalties for the unauthorized practice of law.

The Center for Career Development also reserves the right at its sole discretion not to post positions from employers who have been the subject of serious or repeated complaints from students or alumni (e.g. but not limited to, abusive or inappropriate behavior, failure to pay or pay promptly, job listings advertising unfair or inappropriate wages). The institution also reserves the right at its sole discretion to not post any position announcement, or to remove any posting, deemed inappropriate for our students or alumni, including but not limited to job listings advertising unfair or inappropriate wages.

The Center for Career Development makes every attempt to review and screen all job postings and announcements. However, resources do not allow for a full investigation of every employer or posting. Students and alumni are encouraged to report to the Center for Career Development any position that contravenes the policies described above, and to notify the office of any suspect listing or employer.

U.S. Department of Labor Rules for Educational Internships

Employers posting positions for unpaid internships must familiarize themselves with the US Department of Labor Rules for Unpaid Internships.  All jobs posted with the Center for Career Development must comply with DOL rules on educational internships.


Grading Policy

Rutgers Law School's grading system consists of the following letter grades and numerical equivalents:


























The mean grade-point average in required first-year courses is between 2.950 and 3.100. The mean grade-point average for Legal Analysis, Writing, Research, and Skills II is between 2.950 and 3.200.
Each semester the Dean may designate the top 25 percent of the students with the highest grade point averages in a semester as Dean's list. First-year students (those who have earned 28 or fewer units of law school work) will be considered separately from upperclass students. Calculations shall be made across the Newark and Camden locations together.
It is the general policy of the faculty not to publish or disclose class rank, although certain prizes and scholarships may reveal the person in each class who is first in their class. At graduation, those who are ranked in or above the top 20% of their class will generally be awarded honors; those in the top 10 percent in Newark will also be elected to the Order of the Coif.


The Center for Career Development is committed to providing quality services to meet the needs of local, regional, and national employers. Our services allow employers to reach both students and alumni who are interested in full time, part time, summer, and permanent positions.

  • Connecting You With Capable Candidates






Our professional staff will give personal attention to your organization's hiring needs, flexible services offering each employer many options, and methods for reaching potential student and alumni employees. All placement services, with the exception of job fairs, are available to employers free of charge.