Elspeth Abel

Library Assistant

Loretta Burr

Circulation and Government Documents Assistant

Terese Busbee

Library Assistant

Angela Campione

Secretarial Asst III

Marjorie Crawford

Criminal Justice and Reference Librarian

Grace Duffin

Library Assistant

Wei Fang

Associate Dean for Information Technology and Head of Digital Services

Cathy Fleming

Library Assistant

Elaine Giordano

Senior Departmental Administrator

Arbana Gjoca

Bibliographic Access Manager

Katrina Hall

Library Associate

Jacqueline Hertz

Circulation Assistant

Yvena Hypolite

Day Circulation Supervisor

John Joergensen

Senior Associate Dean for Information Services

Dennis Kim-Prieto

Reference Librarian

Rebecca Kunkel

Reference and Metadata Librarian

Jootaek Lee

Assistant Professor/Acquisitions and Reference Librarian

Cassandra Lester-Key

Evening Circulation Assistant

Sonia McCarthy

Library Assistant

Heather Mitchell

Head of Technical Services

Michelle Parker

Serials Associate

Daniel Sanders

Evening Circulation Supervisor

Charlotte Schneider

Government Documents and Reference Librarian

Judith Simms

Reference Librarian

Christopher Slater

Library Assistant

Stan Sniecikowski

Evening Circulation Assistant

Nancy Talley

Collection Development and Reference Librarian

Martha Taylor

Library Assistant

Marvin Velasco

Library Associate

Caroline Young

Associate Dean for Distance Learning, Associate Director, Rutgers Law Library/ Associate Professor

Jingwei Zhang

Reference Librarian